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Yelp’s 7 Best Warren Restaurants

Yelp provides visitors with information about businesses, and is driven by customer-provided reviews.

Which can be helpful when you’re looking for a place to enjoy dinner—reading others’ experiences can help you choose where you want to go.

But do you trust such comments? Especially about food?

Yelp says these seven restaurants are the most highly rated in Warren—tell us if you agree, or add your own, in the comments.

  1. Pooja Exotic Indian Cuisine, 125 Washington Valley Road. Readers gave this restaurant 4.5 (out of five stars possible), with many raving about the saag paneer.
  2. Trattoria La Strada, 118 Mountain Blvd. Only seven reviews but they loved it, scoring the restaurant 4.5 stars. It’s all about the pizza—but some loved the shrimp scampi and eggplant parm, too.
  3. Bruno’s Bistro, 16 Mountain Blvd. Yelp considers the number of reviews a restaurant has received in its rankings, but we don’t: The nine reviews for Bruno’s gave a hefty 4.5 star score, with none lower than three. Most commented on the unusual strip mall location and the outstanding food.
  4. Warren Deli Grill, 26 Mountain Blvd. A scant four reviews, but the reviewers liked their sandwiches, tallying a 4.5 star score.
  5. Stone House at Stirling Ridge, 50 Stirling Road. With 68 reviews posted, the Stone House is one of the most reviewed and highest rated restaurants around, scoring four stars. Everyone loves the design and layout of the building and grounds; drinks and dinners also earned praise.
  6. Silk Road, 41 Mountain Blvd. Scoring four stars, also with 68 reviews, with raves for the staff, ambiance and kabobs. 
  7. Mr. Pi’s, 57 Mountain Blvd. Four stars from diners for the sushi and sashimi, with many comparing Mr. Pi’s two locations (Warren comes out ahead).
  8. Alfie’s Ristorante Italiano, 101 Town Center Road. A four-star scoring from 14 reviews, with praise for the staff and the Italian specialties.


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