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Yelp’s Class Action Lawsuit

Popular review site Yelp was hit with a class action lawsuit today for unfair business practices in an alleged extortion scheme. Kevin Pereira talks to Greg Weston, founder of the Weston Firm suing Yelp, to learn more about their case.


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  1. Isa Haverlan

    I am having the same problem as those stated above. I had no idea a horrendous review of me was posted July 2016
    given by a man who said he received the worst massage ever, this was from someone who received a 10 or 15 minute chair massage from me at our outdoor market. A previous very positive review was buried under unrecommened , as has been later ones all of which come from full 60 or 90 minute massages, some long term. The man who wrote the bad review has written over 900 reviews, suspicious I would say. When I contacted Yelp they were very uncooperative, they told me to message the man myself but every time I go through the procedure of registering so I can contact him it gets sabotaged, they don't accept my password which I know is right and when I redo it again by having them reset it they still say not valid. This is really hurting me. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, I've been having a hard time since I became aware of this last Thursday!!! Help anyone

  2. Richard

    1) There is a silent "Quid Pro Quo" to buy advertising to possibly get post removed and I call that "Racketeering". Constant emails to advertise with them.

    2) Yelp will post anything someone wants to say and never allows your opinion on the matter. They only take one side and you can't respond. You never get your day in court so to speak.

    3) Yelp never verifies or even attempts to verify whether any post are actually true. It may very well be a competitor posting

    4) I have been threatened, strong armed, by customers to give them a discount or they would post a poor review. So unscrupulous people use it to fish for a freebie or a discount.

    5) The reviews never come down.

    6 Yelp never, ever responds when you try and contest a review even it does not fall in line with their guidelines.

    7) The post are basically "anonymous" and you have no recourse.

  3. Edgar Ruiz

    Please count me in, I am also a victim of yelp. However, one thing we have to remember is that yelp always says that the phone call is being recorded. Perhaps these phone call transcripts should be subpoena. Yelp is the most crooked organization I have come across. PEOPLE BEWARE, AVOID YELP AT ALL COST.

  4. David Richards

    I am currently advertising with Yelp. What they do is charge you for approx. $13 per ad click. This includes the click to call button. Once you sign up you will get numerous phone calls that no one is on the other line and when you call back it will not let let you….and believe it or not when you check your yelp business acount the next day…yep you guessed it the charge is there. So they tell you if you want to cancel you have to send them a written cancelation before the end of the month and you will be charged for an additional month cancelation fee. So you do this and come to find out you have to stay on a whole additional month for a bunch of no lead billing and then have to pay for the cancelation fee. What a bunch of crooks. And the fact that they keep winning all these lawsuits is suspicious. Hope I’m done with these jerks.

  5. david

    I am the same boat as every one else. I have small business in fountain valley,ca and YELP removed all my customers good reviews and left one star bad review on public YELP site. Because i refused to advertise with them.
    it really hurt my small business. Any law suite legal action against YELP, Please let me know. David

    1. Mike

      have you had any resolve? we are also in the same position, but in los gatos

    2. Frank Chavez

      that is exactly
      what happen to me they remove all my good reviews they are like the mafia and we have to pay from protection otherwise they screw us.

  6. frank d

    has anyone figured out how to get removed from Yelp site or get negative reviews down?

  7. yoradi

    I am another victim of Yelp, got offered to be advertised couldn't afford it, decline the offer and my business is vandalized on Yelp by people who threatened me first if they don't get their way. so sign me up 9729928477 text me

  8. david

    I have had similar experiences with yelp. Same Mo. Get neg reviews. Sales person calls and says if we advertize with them all the neg review will be filtered out. I cry extortion. They filter all the positvie ones out and leave only the negitive ones. I see that these coments are old. Has anything been done to protect the small businesses???

  9. Alma

    If you need signatures or anything, please contact me. I will be happy to do what I can to get justice!!

  10. Alma

    My name is Alma. We have a small business in Austin, TX. We are having the same problem with Yelp. Yelp has all the negative comments showing and the positive reviews have been suppressed. We flagged the negative reviews since they call out the owner by name, these people were not even our customers and called us names in "Yelp" which according to Yelp it is against their rules and regulations for people to do this in their page; however, Yelp refused to take these negative comments down.
    We tried to reach Yelp; but they never responded until I contacted the one of their representatives who still works with them and she got defensive with me and hung up on me.
    I cannot believe that nothing can get done against these criminals who are hurting small business like ours.
    I tried removing our account and Yelp has made the account to where I cannot edit the fields or change our name. They went in there and re-added everything… I am unable to edit or remove my own account! This is extortion!

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