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Yelp’s Nearby Feature Now Offers Recommendations Based On Location, Past …

Where will you have lunch today? After helping millions find a place to eat nearby, Yelp has updated its Nearby feature to include recommendations based on your past check-ins, reviews, and your Yelp friends. It even takes such things as time of day and weather into account, trying to come up with the most suitable best places in your immediate surroundings.

According to Yelp, the new feature is perfect for when you’re wandering the streets of a familiar or new city, trying to figure out where to eat. The new Nearby tab takes all available information into account, and comes up with recommendations for highly-rated places that should match your mood, tastes, and the type of meal you plan to have.

Aside from the new Nearby tab, Yelp’s Events page has also been redesigned, with popular events now also showing on the new Nearby tab, making it easier to find nearby events for entertainment as well as places to eat when browsing your neighborhood.

Yelp says that this is only the beginning for the Nearby tab and user-based recommendations. New features will be added in the following months, based on user feedback to each addition. The new recommendation feature is only available for iOS users to start with, but Yelp promises that it’s coming for Android “soon”.

“Imagine it’s noon and you’re hungry for lunch, but don’t want the same old ham’n’cheese from the corner deli. A quick visit to the Nearby page might bring up a highly rated spot around the corner that is known for their banh mi and has been reviewed by one of your Yelp friends. You might also see a place down the block where a bunch of Yelpers are checked in right now.”

Download the new version of Yelp from the App Store.

Are you excited to try Yelp’s new recommendation feature?

Source: Yelp Blog, Yelp (iTunes)


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