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Yelp’s Not Yet Concerned About Profitability––And Investors Don’t Mind

– 1 week ago @ A group of hard-working Yelp reviewers think they deserve minimum wage (at least!) for all the free labor they have put into judging local establishments, and have filed a class action lawsuit against the review site. Reading through their reviews …

– 1 week ago @ But Yelp faces some problems that LinkedIn does not have to worry about. Shares of Yelp tumbled 6% after the company reported a wider-than-expected loss. The company also said it plans to sell more stock, which often worries shareholders since new …

– 1 week ago @ SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Yelp Inc. saw its shares fall as much as 8% Wednesday as investors appeared to be more concerned about the online review and recommendation company’s plans for a $250 million stock offering than its upbeat quarterly …

– 1 week ago @ The suit argues that since Yelp’s business model and success is dependent on its over 42 million user-submitted reviews, the company technically employs those users and should fork over some cash (wages, reimbursement of expenditures, and damages).


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