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Yelp’s Review Filter

It’s all over the news… and I am glad that people are starting to publicly question the system. You watch their video and tell me why are their comments disabled? It’s because they do not want to hear what the consumers have to say. They do not care. They don’t want to hear the truth of what people are saying. Yelp is not necessary to spread the word thanks to youtube people can still tell the truth.


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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. Sree

    I made a huge mistake by creating my Real Estate Agent listing on Yelp and now they wont de-list my listing. Their Customer Service is run by bullies and thugs. They have 1255 complaints on BBB site yet BBB rates them as A+ . why no one is suing this malicious company called yelp ? they have no respect towards anyone who has business account. I had it with them. I wish someone sues them and reforms their awful business practices towards business accounts.


      Oh yes!! Home service professionals like you should really only ask for reviews on Safer, fair, and about to take over the Real Estate market.

  2. KingsRidgeKing

    Yelp absolutely S-U-C-K-S! A bunch of know-nothing techies sitting around out-thinking themselves–again. In Silicon Valley–again. Good reviews removed, bad ones stick, but if you pay them $$$ they'll "help you out."

    They are the biggest bunch of low-lifes on the net today. Period.

    1. Yelphater

      I could not agree more! I own a small business and long story (semi) short I got some (well deserved) bad reviews in the beginning because of a Groupon I ran and could not handle all the business and the quality of our service suffered as a result. I did not even know about yelp until someone told me about the bad reviews.
      over the next several months I cleaned up my act and went back to the bad reviewers to offer to make things right.
      I now have almost 100% delighted clients and not only has yelp continued to take down almost every positive review I have had since, they have never removed the bad ones from 2 to 3 years ago. I must have 30 legit five star reviews in their "filter" and my clients sometimes call me to ask "why I took down their reviews" (they don't understand that I have no control) Things were going well and getting better when I started to work with a yelp rep try to fix my reputation but as soon as I decided not to pay for adv.) everything went to s**t, and fast. IE good reviews taken down in droves and one bad or at least not so good (3 star) was left up. Lucky for me we don't get bad reviews or I'd be ruined. For those of you that don't understand the impact it has on a business I can explain it in four sentences.
      1-let's say you see a great deal on Groupon for example and decide to look up that local business in your area via Google.
      2-Notice that in the top three results you will see their yelp rating
      3-My business offers a great service and I have thousands of happy clients but because of the few bad (the only ones at the time) reviews my rating at one time was 2 stars. (not an accurate representation of the business)
      4- I want to say 100% of the people out there (myself included) looks up a business and see's 2 stars on the Google search (via yelp) they won't even click on it further to get more info…..I wouldn't

      Yelp is killing small businesses all over this country and I'm so happy to see that the public is finally starting to see this and yelp won't be around for much longer unless drastic changes are made. Mark my words

  3. melinda

    I also agree. I called for a friend in a restaurant to find out about Yelp's ad, and was treated maliciously. I was frightened for my friend. Told them I had to get back to work and off the phone, but then this Yelp guytells me the restaurant had been making money off of them for a long time anyway. Got extremely hostile. Been looking every day for that fake review, and now I found it. I bet more will be popping up now that I've turned them in to the BBB. True review or not (and it's TOTALLY BOGUS and made up), this "sales" person made me frightened for the restaurant. They should be sued for that kind of thing as it is. Anyone wants to do a lawsuit, contact me.

    Also, this review had two written on the same day, in the same hour. One excellent review for a hole in the wall restaurant 400 miles away who by the way was paying their "advertising," and one horrible review for the restaurant. Hmmm…..

  4. Christopher

    I am so annoyed with YELP. Everytime I post a good review of a business, they delete it. Then to boot, i will get messages or compliments from someone on their staff being totally unprofessional asking about my other reviews and my personal life! this company is a joke! and if they are so reliable, then why do they delete the good reviews, move the crap ones to the top?? I will tell you why… it is because they want business owners to pay to have the good reviews on top and to keep them on their page. totally unprofessional. their sales tactics are monopolizing the businesses who are on their page

  5. BL

    Hi, thanks so much for writing an article about Yelp's filtered reviews. I recently wrote a review about a less-than-acceptable and TRUE experience at Hardware Salon in Seattle. My review had stayed up for maybe a couple weeks. I noticed this mainly because the stylist who gave me the poor service had rebuttled and sent a private message to me via Yelp. My review was marked "Useful" by quite a few of Yelp users.

    A week later, the owner of the salon had told me that the stylist was no longer at the salon. I checked for the placement of my review again, to see if it was still at the top of the list of reviews. I found that it was filtered with the rest of the poor reviews.

    The ones that were kept out in the open were positive reviews and outdated. This is not good business where legitimate reviews with detailed comments are hidden away from people who use Yelp as a trusted source to choose which business to go to.

    What is there to do about this? BBB?

    1. yelphater

      I wrote some comments above outlining my bad experience as a business owner and yelps immoral business practices. Your comments are exactly inline with what I was trying to say.
      In my case I try very hard to run a good business and make sure my clients are happy. If they for whatever reason were not happy, then I will do whatever needed to make them happy.
      My point is I would want to be a client of my business and Yelp shows a huge negative misrepresentation of my business to the public. With the case you are speaking about it's the opposite. Both are wrong and could be remedied in my opinion by simply not filtering any reviews and let them all just show a complete picture.
      In my case you would see a 4 to 4.5 star rating and if you looked at all the reviews you'd see some horrible ones from several years ago and then outstanding reviews over the last two years. You as a consumer could see that we had some issues that we've obviously work out. How can the filtering system be better than that?
      countless legitimate reviews are taken down everyday. It's absurd!

  6. alex

    Join the BBB

  7. cindy

    Go to the Oakland better business bureau site and file a complaint they will start treating your company fairly asap

  8. cindi

    Go to the BBB and file a complaint in fact get a fair and accurate free report with your local better business bureau. I go to the BBB and use only member companies it works great

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