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Yelp’s Top 10 Dinner Restaurants in Ellicott City

Everyone has an opinion. And although not everyone takes to the Internet to voice it, when it comes to restaurants, a lot of people do find themselves turning to sites like to help make a sometimes difficult decision: Where to eat.

Here’s a list of Yelp’s top 10 restaurants for dinner in Ellicott City. So … what do you think? Did the reviewers get it right? Or did they miss one of your favorite spots?

1) Kimko Seafood

2) Pure Wine Cafe

3) Pachanga Cocina Mexicana

4) Lighthouse Tofu BBQ

5) Shin Chon

6) Yama Sushi

7) Nora’s Kabob

8) Phoenix Emporium

9) Honey Pig

10) Leelynn’s Dining Room Lounge

So, how do you think reviewers did when it comes to Ellicott City?  

Let us know in the comments and, if you haven’t done so yet, let your favorite restaurant know they’re your favorite by posting a review in our directory


– Bites Nearby: Honey Pig

– Nora Café Bakery: Authentic European Cooking and Baking

– Yama Sushi – Reliably Fresh Food in a Modern Atmosphere

– Shin Chon: The Cadillac of Korean Barbeques

– BonChon Chicken Arrives in Ellicott City

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