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Yelp’s Top 10 JP Restaurants Revisited

In April, Jamaica Plain Patch published the top 10 highest-rated Jamaica Plain restaurants as ranked by Yelp.

There are seven newcomers to the list as of June 14. Ten Tables moved up one spot to No. 1 overall, Jamaica Plain House of Pizza stayed at 5 and El Oriental de Cuba moved down two spots from 7 to 9.

Here are the top 10 restaurants in Jamaica Plain as of June 14 on Yelp:

Rank | Restaurant | (Rank on April list)

1. Ten Tables (2)

2. Canto 6 (not listed)

3. Alex’s Chimis (not listed)

4. The Haven (not listed)

5. Jamaica Plain House of Pizza (5)

6. Joseph’s Sub Shop and Pizza (not listed)

7. Ula Cafe (not listed)

8. Galway House (not listed)

9. El Oriental De Cuba (7)

10. Fiore’s Bakery (not listed)

Here’s the April List. Do you agree or disagree with the June list as compared to April? Who do you feel was snubbed this time around? Let us know in the comments section.


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