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Zaarly vs. Yelp: When Does Your Company Bang Its Gong?

Zaarly and Yelp are in roughly the same business – connecting consumers to the services and products in their vicinity. They also share a key cultural practice. They both bang gongs to celebrate wins.

What is telling, however, is the occasion for which the gong is struck. At Yelp it is hit to celebrate when then have closed an advertising deal. At Zaarly it is when they learn that one of their sellers has been able to quit their day job and focus on what they love because of the business generated by Zaarly.

Zaarly is a purpose-driven organization that celebrates the success of their community. Zaarly is building intense loyalty in their community of employees and customers, who are deeply committed to Zaarly’s success.

Yelp is a business that is focused on revenue and does a good job generating it. Yelp has been around for nearly ten years and is successful by many measures. For Yelp employees and merchants, however, one has to wonder if they would jump ship if they can find a better paying job or a slightly more effective advertising platform.

I have been part of start-ups that bang gongs for revenue and those that do it for wins for their community. The difference is remarkable and incredibly telling about their culture and leadership.

It is one of the most powerful questions for your organization to answer. When does your organization bang its gong (whether literal or figurative)?

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