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That negative online comment could get you sued

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Be careful what you say online; it could get you sued!  That’s happening to a woman in Virginia after she wrote a negative comment on a business. Jane Perez aired her complaints on contractor Christopher Dietz on Yelp and Angie’s List.  Now Dietz is coming after her.  He sued Perez for $750,000 …

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Read it for yourself…

http://yelpclassaction.info/panzerC.pdf (401)

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Outsmarting Yelp: Overcoming CDA Immunity via 3rd Party Contract Promises

Daniel Bernath came up with what looks like a stroke of genius. Now, I’m not a lawyer (but he is) so I can’t comment on the legality of it, but the logic looks good. The idea is that since Groupon REQUIRES you to have a Yelp business profile (with positive reviews) before allowing you to …

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Rich Gorman: Search Engine Guru Explains Details of Much-Touted Facebook Search Innovation

Facebook has announced its first real foray into online search—and tech enthusiast Rich Gorman explains how it is an entirely different animal than anything yet devised by Google, Yahoo, or Bing. New York, New York (PRWEB) According to search engine guru and social media enthusiast Rich Gorman, it was only a matter of time before …

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How Yelp Could Create More Accurate Reviews

Image via CrunchBase How, then, does a consumer make sense of the spate of opinions, many of which contradict each other? New research suggests a scientific way to aggregate reviews in a way that makes ratings more meaningful to consumers—and fairer to the businesses they review. Michael Luca, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, …

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Out of Warranty Doesn’t Mean Out of Options for Luxury Car Owners in Miami Disgruntled Over Local Dealer Service

MIAMI, Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Social media sites reveal top luxury car dealerships in South Florida have some of the lowest customer ratings in the industry for their Service Department operations. Reports of unethical practices, over-billing and poor quality control are leaving local car owners asking questions and looking for alternatives. For the past …

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Richard Gorman Takes on Yelp.com’s New Hygiene Scores

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Jan 21, 2013) – It is commonly accepted that the U.S. Government is privy to a wide range of data and information — some of which remains confidential, and some of which the Government is eager to share. The latest example of government-approved information-sharing comes in the form of an innovation …

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Interviewing Lawyers Familiar with Yelp

McMillan Law Group defeats Yelp, Inc. by JULIAN on MAY 9, 2013 In a recent small claims court case in San Diego, CA, the McMillan Law Group (MLG) achieved a monumental victory against Yelp, Inc. MLG had been coerced into entering into an advertising contract with the internet giant who promised results. The judge in the case agreed that …

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More News on Yelp Lawsuit Allegation


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KCAL 9 Report of Class Action Lawsuit Against Yelp


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