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Delete Yelp Account

This is the number one question I get asked, and while there is no definitive answer, a number of community members have been successful!

Remember, there is a difference between deleting your personal Yelp account, and deleting your business listing. If you want to remove your personal account, there are step by step instructions here. Even that requires a human to approve your request!

I’ve been asked by a member of our community to keep his identity a secret, but he has confirmed that he has had 10 negative reviews removed using the following tactic AND that one of the reviews was in fact a competitor and he received a settlement.

1. Identify a prospective defendant that posted a negative review. This is important because, in CA, Doe defendants may not be sued in Small Claims court (step 2)

2. File an action for defamation in Small Claims court.

(Questions below are from CA Small Claims forms)

a. Why does the Defendant owe the plaintiff money?

I request $1.00 in nominal damages and injunctive relief requiring defendant to remove all comments/reviews posted online and preventing posting of additional review(s) about plaintiff.


3. Upon acceptance of your case by the Small Claims Court, complete and submit a Small Claims Subpoena as follows:

a.       Ordered to appear as a witness: Yelp, Inc.

760 Mission St., 7th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94105

b.      For the Production of Documents – Not required to appear in person….

c.       The witness (Yelp) shall produce…: All user information including I.P. (internet protocol) addresses for every user that has posted a review of 2 stars or fewer about (your business).

d.      Good cause exists for the production of documents…: This information is required to determine and/or confirm the defendant is the user that posted the defamatory statements at issue and only the witness company is in possession of this information.

e.      These documents are material…: This information is required to determine and/or confirm the defendant is the user that posted the defamatory statements at issue and only the witness company is in possession of this information.

4.   Submit the Small Claims Subpoena to the Small Claims court.

5.  Upon acceptance by the court of your subpoena, you must serve Yelp. Do a Google search to find a process server in San Francisco. The entire transaction can be handled electronically.

6.  Once served, Yelp will notify the user/defendant. This may be all that’s needed for the user/defendant to take the review down.


That’s it! We’d love to hear your experience and results!

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And while researching how to do it, I ran across a great article on how to delete a listing from the Google Search Index… it says:

“Here’s what you need to do, in three steps:

First, file a lawsuit against the original author of the report for defamation, business disparagement, false light, or any other claim that is legally appropriate. The big point here is that you have to prove your case in a court of law — you have the burden to prove the report made about you is false.

Be honest with yourself here (otherwise, you’re just wasting time and money). If the report about you is true (or if you can’t prove your case), you do not have a valid claim for defamation, and this option will not work for you. Again, the key here is being able to prove your case in a court of law. If you can’t do that, game over. You’re stuck with one of the other options above.

Also, you should only sue the author of the report—do not sue Google. Your lawsuit will cost a fortune (Google has plenty of good lawyers), fail very quickly, and you will only serve to anger the one company that can help you the most.

Second, obtain a court order declaring the offending report to be false and defamatory (this of course assumes you win your case). The specific content of this order can take various forms, but you should make sure to seek an order that refers to the offending report specifically.

Third, present the court order to Google.”

Click here to read the full article…


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  1. Diva

    Yes, Yelp customer service is So rude. We are a new business and when our customer ask us if we can write a review for you on yelp platform. Are we mad to say no to our customers and not write a review fo us. So 2 of our reviews got rejected as per their so called algorithm. So When I told yelp that they are genuine customers who asked us and we told them to write. The customer service guy started with a loud tone and said a company can't ask customers to write. Like seriously he said that. WTF to him. Why did they open Yelp just shut down your business then? Is this platform not for reviews. Impossible to understand



  3. william perry

    I closed my business in large part BECAUSE of negative Yelp reviews and the suppression of all the good ones. Now I'm still listed with a big "CLOSED" across my listing and a negative review and one medium one still there. How can you get a defunct business that is YOURS off the listing? It is FALSE ADVERTISING AS THE BUSINESS NO LONGER EXISTS!

  4. Lauren

    I was just reading on the yelp website where yelp claims the customer (real or fake) has a constitutional right to post negative reviews but owners have no constitutional right to ask for reviews? HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

  5. Will

    is there a way to order YELP to remove us from their listing altogether?

    1. Mel J

      I have tried with no luck- Yelp seems to post only negative reviews. I am on this site because I have a negative review from a person that has never been to my business and they won't remove it. I have offered to show them my allof my invoicing to them-

  6. Will

    Screw Yelp; they are freaking asshole bullies that want nothing but your money – otherwise, they will have your bad reviews showing while filtering the good ones OUT. What the Hell… how is that legal????

  7. dmdjet

    Face it folks.
    No one cares.
    Corruptoration run this country and Yelp is one of the most corrupt.
    Jeremy Stoppelman, their CEO is the biggest jerk around as are most silicon valley CEOs. Arrogant, conceded, and narcissistic. California mentality.
    Harvard's business 101 in three words: Cheat, lie, steal. You don't need four years of ivy business school training to learn this.

  8. Richard

    I’m a Plumbing Contractor servicing Los Angeles County since 1994. I have been contacted by Yelp for many years but declined the services many times. Since then they have been filtering most of my good reviews and leaving reviews with false and fiction statements. Just last week they have contacted me and assuring me that they have no control over the reviews. As I was on the phone with them I took a look at some of my reviews on Yelp, surprisingly I noticed that some of the filtered reviews were showing and some negative reviews were removed. So I finally agreed to advertise with Yelp. After signing their contract for a One year term and I noticed another surprise. The good reviews that were there were gone. And one of the bad reviews with deformational content that was posted years ago and removed by Yelp suddenly appeared again. I contacted Yelp and told them That I’m canceling the contract due to manipulation of the reviews. They contacted me again and assured me that they have no control of the reviews. So I took another look at the reviews and noticed that the good reviews were back up. So reluctantly agreed to continue with a new contract. The following day I noticed a lot of good reviews literally disappeared and old fictional reviews popped up to the top of my page. I have had enough of that manipulation tactics and canceled the contract. I refuse to be part of Yelps Fraud and extortion tactics. I have contracts to prove that the reviews are ether fiction or contain lies. All my customers have agreed to the flat rate charges but some Irate customers go to Yelp and complain about how they were surprised by the charges when I fact they agreed prior to me starting the work. They are happy that their plumbing is fixed but not so happy that they had to pay to have the work done.

  9. Mark

    I am an independent Home Inspector and my company is based upon reputation. I do not think is right for individuals to place derogatory reviews against you, even if they have never used your services. I have only one review ( 1 star ) and it tells people not to use me. I have never done business with this person and Yelp will not remove it. Now unfortunately its the first thing that pops up when someone googles my company. This happened in May of 2016, since then my online phone calls have dropped at least 75% and I know its because of this review. I want to delete my account but they said it will still be visible online.

  10. cain baljian

    vt auto repair and performance need to move my name out of yelp it is bs co revues that customer never been my shop and my good revues are moved from the list this is co just for bs people I did not authorize to use my co name so I am filing this a company to get you bs yelp is to destroy co and people they how give them an authorization to tell how is good and bad ck the co first bs money chasers

  11. Julie L

    Yelp is the WORST to deal with! Don't be fool by their listings. I was told to get my new business name on Yelp. After I paid $400 per month and I search and search, mine did not show up in search. I called and they said to upgrade to $800 – $1200 per month to show up because the type business I am in has so much competitors. Most of my 5 stars were filtered out then yesterday there was a 1 star review got posted and 1 of my 5 stars disappeared. What kind of the business they are doing!
    Please DO NOT USE YELP as your advertising tool and don't throw your money away with Yelp. WHAT A MISTAKE I MADE!!!

  12. Andrew

    have two reviews on my Yelp page. One is a three star rating and one is a one star rating. I have seen several of my regular customers put good reviews about my business on Yelp, only for them to get filtered out by their system. I told my customers to look me up on Yelp and they said I couldn't do that. Really? You don't want me to direct traffic to your website? Then I asked them to take my business off of their web page, beings how I didn't start this page anyway. I don't know who did, but it wasn't me. A third party website shouldn't have that much control over the reputation of my business. When you look my business up on Yelp, it has two stars and the positive reviews keep disappearing. Let me also add that Yelp has called my business on several occasions trying to get me to purchase advertising with them. At first I was friendly with the typical "It's just not in my budget" response. Then it was "Stop calling because I'm not interested." Then it was basically me hanging up because they wouldn't stop calling after I asked them not to. I get a feeling that making these legitimate and positive reviews disappear is their way to try to "strong arm" me into buying advertising on their shitty website. I don't believe in Lawsuits and suing people but this has no doubt cost me money in today's society of "info at your fingertips."

  13. jo anne

    Please read the 1648 complaints against them from the BBB !!! You will never use them !!! Jo Anne

  14. niblickadman

    I just got screwed by Yelp by working hard to get good reviews from clients. I’ve only picked up 4 reviews in the short time I’ve had the business listing, but all were 5-star. Ain’t that what we’re SUPPOSED TO DO?!?! So yesterday, I check my listing and TWO of my reviews had been filtered out by their freakin’ “recommendation engine!” That is major-league BS and when I complained, all I got was a shitty boilerplate response. You can read the whole story on my blog…it’s also posted on my biz website.

    1. Jamison

      Yelp is doing this exact thing to everyone. If you notice , when a bad review is kept up although you know it is bogus ,yelp will call the next day . This is after you have disputed it and yelp denies your request. The reason yelp calls is because they want money. They extort money from businesses. Ive been researching quite a bit how to beat this, and it seems its easier to sue the person leaving fake reviews. Doesnt help much about yelp throwing our good reviews in the closet ,which is part of their scam. The only thing I can think to do is make sure everyone knows yelp is not a reputable site to trust anymore. They play on businesses putting up fake reviews on each other so they can extort money frok eveybody! Stick with Google and FB

    2. donald

      We did a test on yelp and placed 1 star and 5 star reviews on businesses that agreed to let us do it. All 5 businesses refused to pay Yelp for ads. All the 5 star reviews were filtered out but every 1 star review stayed for all 5 businesses. Guess this is a coincidence or there so called filtering system. LOL

  15. tawkify


    I used to think Yelp was a solid, trustworthy review source. And then I started managing a Yelp account for a business: Tawkify. It's unbelievable how inappropriately the people at Yelp treat business owners. We provided proof that one of the reviews was submitted by a competitor and Yelp rejected that proof twice. The proof, may I add, was communication directly from the reviewer in which she admitted she was a competitor. HOW COULD YOU PROVIDE BETTER EVIDENCE THAN THAT?? Please, tell me what evidence could be more straightforward than that? Furthermore, only the negative reviews are recommended. Susan O. just wrote a lovely review, but it is NO WHERE to be seen on our page.

    When I call for help, I am treated with blatant distrust and, quite honestly- contempt. There are multiple reviews on our business pages that are written by people that are no where in our records–as in THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN CLIENTS OF TAWKIFY- EVER! When I express this to Yelp employees, I am told there is nothing you can do. In fact, I was told in my last conversation with Yelp that, "that's just the way it is." How dare Yelp face consumers as a trustworthy source of reviews, when you can't even guarantee the reviews listed are even for the business in question? A vast majority of ours aren't, and we CAN'T be the only business who has fraudulent reviews on the account that are ignored.

    We FULLY intend to file for these issues and will not allow our business to be wrongfully and fraudulently reviewed. It is INCREDIBLE that even when your policies are followed and these reviews are reported, YOU DO NOTHING. Yelp is a disgrace and a thorn in the side of business owners. I do not believe in Yelp's ability to treat the businesses that rely on it with the RESPECT they all deserve. I have, MOST CERTAINLY, NOT BEEN TREATED WITH RESPECT.

    I recommend that all business people remove their accounts from Yelp and hire Trustpilot for their reviews. They actually CARE and try to help businesses.

    I WOULD LOVE IT if Yelp could prove me wrong–but we are done and plan to go after Yelp for their horrific treatment of us. See you soon Yelp.

    1. Warrenton-Smith

      Yelp prefers DIRT — they do not care about the truth. Yelp staffers are bullies. They must hire this profile.

  16. M Shahade

    I have had the same issue as other small business owners – my positive reviews get flagged. I am ceryain I have lost so many clients because it says I have been in business since 2009 & people wonder why I have no reviews. I cannot fathom how much Yelp has cost me. And yes, I have been told about the infamous algorithm. How convenient since I haven’t paid Yelp for advertising & all of my reviews are positive & have been flagged. I also get harassing sales calls by Matt E.V.E.R.Y single week. I wish I could file a harassment suit…… I am definitely going to close my acct with Yelp, aka SCAM.

  17. Roy

    I have nothing against Yelp personally, but I would like to close my account. The problem is that I cannot access the link yelp sent to my e-mail to cancel the account. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I click on the link and it does nothing. It's supposed to direct me to close the account. I want this account closed.

  18. Marcos Polanco

    I read all this comments and is so sad to see that a company like Yelp still exist, how is that possible?
    My feeling about YELP is just an advertising company that wants the small businesses money, they do not realized that as a small business owner we actually don't have money. YELPERs are even worse, they post on your page just when they get something bad and even some of them who post on your page that everything was good and the food was amazing, yet, they give you 4 stars. I will definitely join to the community who want to take YELP out of business since is only helping small business to loose their business. They do no understand that I am not a CEO sitting in a chair waiting to get a bonus check to go on Vacation or to buy a new car, I am only a small business owner who is working really hard to get the sales in order for me to pay my daughter's singing class, or for me to be able to pay my mortgage, but having bad reviews I wont be able to none of those.

  19. mrsjohnson

    Is there a place to leave Yelp a negative review? My problem with them is this policy that they have on their website. That they actually attempt to discourage people from protecting themselves through the legal process is horrid and reveals the kind of organization that they really are. But how do you fight it? You fight yelp by deleting any personal profile that you have with them and removing their app and not using them because besides advertising, this is how they make money by selling your information. For business listings, delete everything that you can from your listing, again allowing them to have only the basic information. Next, concetrate on your SEO in search engines, mainly Google depending on the type of business that you have, sites that are friendlier to business owners than Yelp. Lastly, leave Yelp a review on Rip off Report or some other website. ROR has it's own set of problems but hey, a tit for a tat right? Lastly and this is very important, report them to the BBB. Granted the BBB also has it's own set of problems but because they have to answer the complaints which creates red tape for them and costs them money to answer. Actually any agency that governs them you should report them to just for the red tape that it creates.

    Here is a copy and paste of Yelp policy dated today 11/20/15: I’m considering legal action — what are my rights?
    "Nobody likes to get a negative review, and it’s even worse if you think it violates your legal rights. But a good lawyer will tell you the truth: defamation suits are notoriously expensive and difficult to win. Worse, they are very public. We can point to countless examples of ill-advised lawsuits that hurt the business far more than it ever helped. Nor will you get far by bringing Yelp into the dispute since Yelp merely acts as a forum like any other where people can share their views. (The law is well settled on this point, but you are welcome to ask your neighborhood internet attorney to confirm.) There may be rare cases when it’s appropriate to take legal action, but in most cases, you won’t get what you are looking for by suing someone who gives you a bad review."

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