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Everyone wants to be heard. That seems to be the #1 complaint on Yelp is the lack of transparency in the filter, the lack of response to real business issues, and the seeming lack of care that real businesses are being destroyed by fake reviews while real good reviews are filtered out.

It’s time to share your story… stories will be chosen from the comments below to be profiled on the site with the truth of how Yelp has done you wrong.

If you really want to help, read through the comments and thumbs up or down the stories to help the media select the best stories to profile. This is a community to support local businesses, so please help each other, comment, and lend an ear/shoulder when needed.


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  1. steven lee

    Our company helps customers get approved for apartments. A man named Kam Foo tried to use our service but he used somenes elses credit card. We then stopped the process and found out that Kam Foo is a convicted felon and is ripping people off through a fake comapany called Sienna Entertainment Las Vegas. We then noticied that he has is company posted on yelp and some of the negative reviews were pushed down which talked about being scammed. We then posted what had happened with us and showed all the emails where customer after customer had been ripped off by Kam Foo. Yelp blocked our account and right after that this guy got ripped off:
    Juan carlos G.
    Juan carlos G.
    San Leandro, CA
    71 friends
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    1.0 star rating 7/14/2016
    Hey Kam F. Scamming people again?? Any chance I can get my $4400 you scammed me for. Still waiting for you to respond to my texts/calls/emails. Thanks!!!

    Sienna Entertainment – Las Vegas, NV, United States. Scammer
    Sienna Entertainment – Las Vegas, NV, United States. Scammer!! Fraud!!
    Scammer!! Fraud!!
    Scammer!! Fraud!!
    Was this review …?

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    When does a company that reviews businesses allow customers to write about getting scammed or ripped off before they put an alert on the business. Getting ripped off and getting scammed is not the same as my soup was cold. Why would a business allow a company to use their site to rip people off?

  2. Tony

    STOP YELP, SOON YOU CAN'T EVEN DEFEND YOURSELF IN COURT OF LAW : Yelp has begun to mark businesses that make legal threats against customers that post reviews on the site using this courupt paid yelp's shill Congress Representative Leonard Lance who introduced this bill H.R.5111 – Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016… flood him with email.

    link to the Bill:

  3. Guest

    I had over 31 true and real and authentic reviews written since joining.They were all accurate and well thought out.I as well posted multiple photos and clicked some of their "helpful" buttons on reviews of other people.I also engaged in conversations in the "talk" section.But they STILL after all this continually hid my reviews with their stupid and inaccurate filter.I still have no idea why they wouldn't publish the,They weren't even 1 or 5 star reviews.

    If they do not want my reviews I will go to TripAdvisor, which doesn't have so many pretentious people anyway.

    And TripAdvisor doesn't have any silly "Elite" people either.

  4. J Gaskins

    We don't get a lot of reviews, because the nature of our business is that we deal primarily with larger companies who just don't take the time to post reviews. However, we do some local work with smaller businesses and startups as well, and those tend to be, for the most part, the trouble-makers. We have had two such customers post not only negative reviews but negative reviews with flat-out lies in them. I contacted Yelp about it, telling them so; letting them know that we have documented every dealing with the customers and that we would be happy to provide that documentation as proof that the reviewers were flat out lying. Of course, Yelp responded by saying that they have no reason to question the nature of the reviews. I didn't expect much, but the fact is that they have every reason to question the nature of the reviews. Add to that the fact that we have had two 5-star reviews and both have simply disappeared. On our website, we have a "testimonials" page which shows several glowing letters of reference, in their entirety. And I'm certain that if I asked some of these people to go on Yelp and write an honest review, they would do so, but it is at best very embarrassing to have to have them read the lies posted there. We are a small business trying to break into a competitive market, and this sort of thing really does hurt!

  5. raj

    anyone interested please email me at or text me at 4073415150. I am ready to file class action lawsuit against this company. we cannot let them destroy our businesses.

  6. RJW

    I have a business that was established nearly 100 years ago (1919) that has provided service to hundreds of thousands of people over the years yet we have the worst possible rating on Yelp based on 2 reviews by people who never used our service. We had a client post a positive review on Yelp a week after the aforementioned reviews, but it was removed soon after that because it did not fit Yelp's criteria for rating (the only difference was it was positive and from an actual client). I am empathetic to all of the business owners who have posted on this site. We will all rejoice when extortionist companies like Yelp are properly vetted themselves and as a result find themselves in a challenging financial position like we have experienced. There is a legitimate reason why their stock has gone from $45 to less than $30 in this past year. I look forward to a stock price below $25 by year end.

  7. Jo Pokalalsky

    Yelp won’t let me post a review anymore. I never receive the confirmation email. I guess they don’t care that their advertising businesses don’t treat customers well. I mean factual stuff like preventing them from using a valid Scoutmob coupon.

  8. Gary D

    None of the review from my long-time clients & customers are recommended by Yelp. Yelp informed me they have a "filter" that decides what is recommended & what is not. I was told by Yelp that if it is the reviewers first review that that is a red flag & that the review cannot be recommended by Yelp. The problem is, these good 5 star reviews were left by mostly long-time Yelp members & the two bogus reviews were left by those joining Yelp solely to deisparage the business. In fact, I responded to one of the bogus negative reviews with the reviewers own email supporting the fact she was lying. After I posted her email (redacting her personal information), she edited her bad review, made it a good one and changed the bad review to a good one with four stars. Only after she did that did Yelp no longer recommend her review. I wish I never listed my business on Yelp, Tread lightly if you decide to be listed there.

    1. Dave

      Whatever dude. I'm a real reviewer and leave honest reviews, and Yelp doesn't recommend any of mine now after 6 months, so honest reviewers get screwed as well.

    2. Syed

      How did you read and locate her email?

  9. Martha Pacheco

    I just started my own lash business about 8 months and added it on yelp. At first I a few reviews and I was getting traffic and business call from people who found me on yelp. Then I got more reviews and more clients. About 3 months ago I saw yelp took 17!!!! Yes 17!!! 5 starts review!!! All at once not a few at a time. I’ve call and they give me stupid reasons that do not make sense. Now my business is slow and that sucks.

    1. donald

      Yelp extorts money from small businesses. If you don't pay them $1000s a year they will filter all your 5 star reviews but leave negative ones. A group of small businesses in md are testing their filtering system and so far out of 80 5 star reviews placed every single one placed with paying advertisers were not filtered but all reviews placed for businesses refusing to pay extortion fees were filtered. I guess this is a coincidence. They are filing a class action suit this summer with 32 businesses already . They have screenshots. pics, other proof, and tapes of Yelp reps offering to remove bad reviews and replace 5 star reviews if they agree to a ad contract costing from $3600 to $9000.

  10. ji

    Wrote about this Dr.named Lawton Tang a plastic clinic in City of Pasadena. One of the patient went in there for general medical advice, staff was unprofessional it is only cash basis. Received a e-mail from Yelp stating a removal of my comments was out of bound…very desperate to get 5 stars on Yelp.

  11. victim

    I was "reviewed" by an internet troll who hasn't done 1 cent of business with me…story made up of whole cloth…classic libel. The location listed isn't even our location. …yet Yelp won't delete the review.
    Yelp = $h!t

  12. Rebecca

    The Mafia used to have the corner on extortion, but Yelp has apparently figured out a way to hone in on the cash cow of intimidating businesses into spending large sums of money "protecting their online reputation." What a scam!

    Here's my story: I built a website for my husband who is a music teacher. About six months later he gets a call from a Yelp salesperson saying he's got a Yelp listing and one nice review – Would he like to pay several thousand dollars to advertise? My husband says No, thank you.

    Curious, we go online and read the review of his business. Guess what? It isn't from anyone he has ever heard of and certainly not one of his students.

    The real problem is that even though it is positive, it says things about his teaching which are not true and, for anyone who knows instrumental music, would be very bad pedagogy! Thus, if anyone else reads the review they may decide that my husband is not a very good teacher after all and not call him!

    The review was posted just weeks before the Yelp salesperson called. Coincidence? I don't think so!
    I have no hope that we could prove that the review is bogus, but it's enough that we know it is not from any of his legitimate clients. The question is: Who put it there?

    There should be a law against the forced listing of someone's business. Even in the "old days" when phone books were paper, you could pay not be listed anywhere. And you always had the ability to control your copy. This sleazy new way of smearing folks across cyberspace needs to have some checks and balances. The law needs to be on the lookout for coercive tactics that hurt the little guy – and this is one clear case where that is happening. Entrepreneurs – Unite!

  13. HardWorker

    Yelp is a fraudulent extortionist mafia that needs to be shut down ! And the yelp eliters are people with no valid skills in life who delude themselves into self importance by writing lengthy reviews all day thinking that their whining on yelp all day is what gives their life meaning. Like most small businesses, I bust my ass for my clients but the few times I have the misfortune of interacting with an insanely demanding, entitled, delusional client, that person rants on yelp and their defamatory 1 star review goes straight to the top. Meanwhile, up to half of my positive 5 star reviews from legitimate customers who are not mentally ill go to the 'not reccomended' hidden area. Yelp is so horrible. I hate them. They don't care about legitimacy of the reviews or honesty at all. They actively encourage people to be flamboyant and flat out lie by protecting anyone to say literaly anything "we don't engage in fact checking" they say… no sh*t. They encourage people to make a mockery of their reviews with upvotes like "funny" and "cool" so this encourages the delusional yelpers to exaggerate, lie and make up stories to get more votes from fellow yelpers. Yelp is a joke that destroys businesses and laughs about it all day.

  14. Theodoros Kezios

    They hid the good reviews from the page, left nothing but the bad reviews.. this isn't right they need to do things as they advertise…
    i had 34 costumers that wrote good reviews for my restaurant..
    but these comments were not posted on the restaurants page…
    I'm going to have to take yelp to small claims court… get this situated… this is not a fair…

    1. underhisfeathers

      Did you take them to small claims? If so, how did it turn out? I ask because I plan to use small claims myself.

  15. HBDoc

    Although Yelp wasnotified that my competitors leaving bogus reviews on sites, they still allow it to continue as of 6/4/16?

    I even called out my competitor on a 1 to 1 private message, where threatened my life and my family? He in turn posted on my site that I threatened him… Yelp would not take action even though they had access to our private 1-1’s messages and posts about he left about my business… I am 4.5 Stars reviewed where he is 1.5, with good reason!

    Yelp allows subterfuge, terrorist & criminal threats to be posted as well as emailed thru their system… They have zero etiquette or protocol standards:-(

    The best thing that can happened to Yelp is that they are purchased by someone like Facebook that has a moral compass….

    5 Thumbs Down!

  16. Theodoros Kezios


    I Invite you to see my terrible situation with yelp..

  17. Paul Odekirk

    I have been having some serious trouble with Yelp since I posted a negative review on Yelp's Yelp page on 8/23/2014. Since that day that I posted a unfavorable review about Yelp my business page has been getting negative reviews that I cannot identify as my customers or clients. Also Yelp has made sure to keep my business page at only 3 stars even though my reviews coming in would surely make the page a 4 to 5 star page. Another issue I'm having some trouble with is my personal Yelp account is also being censored. When I post a review on my personal Yelp account the review will show up on my personal account page but will not show up on any business page. I'm completely silenced on Yelp. Yelp has also censored me from responding to my reviews. There can be horrible reviews that state that my business is dirty and that my staff is rude but I cannot respond or add my own feedback. My business name is Odekirk's Estate Sales. We are one of the top businesses in the Riverside, CA and the surrounding area for the last 55 years. But Yelp has been destroying our reputation.

    1. overdressedunderpaidpettyadministrator

      I hope you take screen shots before and after every single change is made to your account and to your business. Document absolutely everything, you will need it for a lawsuit. Join the class action, you sound like a classic victim of their tactics. I am so sorry they are doing this to you.

  18. Oliver Grieb

    Here is my email to YELP, after I found out with a loss for my business, that reviews dont get posted and that all that was understood from my side about yelp, didnt really happen:

    I just spoke to one of your very nice colleagues, and I gotta say, every one that I spoke to on help is always very nice.

    As a business owner I was looking forward to be on yelp and even though I felt kind of pushed into signing up with Yelp Ad – yes I know, I made the decision to do so, but everyone I spoke to was always very promising to what could happen – I decided to move forward and try it out. If I got one tour with Yelp it would have paid for a month and if for the time being I had only one tour through you it would have paid for the campaign.

    As I said, every one is happy, but I am a not happy customer at all.

    Nothing happened that the representatives told me and it wasn’t even close.

    On the other hand I was looking forward to have Yelp as kind of a HELP for the reviews to be out there online about my business.

    That was why I sent an email, because i have about 7 reviews not showing up and that is not understandable to me – well, it was not understandable. The very nice lady I spoke to explained everything to me and now I am even more sure that I do not want to be on the Yelp ad anymore.

    A big loss to my business, but as you know, you do learn through mistakes.

    Yes I am upset and No there is nothing really that you can do for me. I was hoping that at least the reviews could be visible, but that is something your computer system does not allow!

    David, don’t get me wrong you all do properly do a great job and for some businesses it really makes a difference, but not for me.

    And I do feel kind of ripped off! If someone asked me about yelp I will share this of course, also that some businesses that I as a tour guide tried to take guests to ad they do not exist anymore but still show up. How does that look for me!

    Never mind, I felt I had to tell you all this, because if I have an unhappy customer I would like to know, what I can do to improve and I would appreciate a honest answer!

    Thanks for taking the time to read the email from an unhappy customer!

    Have a great day!

    1. Joanne

      Ha! You're really asking for 'honesty' from 'yelp'?!? All I can say is Don't hold your breath because you could die in 5 minutes. If you go to the dictionary, you could look up the words DIShonest, Extorsion, Vindictiveness, MAFIA, and Yelp should be the first word in ALL those definitions! However, try looking up algorithm and there should be a big fat clown staring back at you. Or maybe a picture of the devil. They are tiny little hate-based assholes that work for a gigantic crap infested farce called "Yelp" and you will NEVER get away!!!!! First new rule of your business: ALWAYS GOOGLE other businesses before doing business with any other company that can stick their filthy wretched paw into your affairs! Yelp is like that nightmare you have where everything that was ever good in your life withers away and dies before your very eyes, all at the slimy hands of one self-smug slimy evil worshipping delusional scab known as a disgruntled client. Don't you DARE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LET THEM GO! They Will come back and regurgitate their slimy selves into your world for life!

  19. Jason

    Why does it have to be so hard to contact yelp? I have tried multiple times to have my password reset and it wont send me the email and now there is now way to contact them but if they want me to buy advertisement from them they won't stop contacting me….

  20. Jimy

    WARNING: NEVER CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS ON YELP its a death certificate. Even though you enter your business info under they guise that you are freely advertising – you will never be able to take it down! Yelp is a complete scam – since 2008 7 years my small business attained positive reviews but Yelp only posts negative ones claiming that its some sort of software that does the work – If you call the staff they have the education level of 4 year olds and will hang up on you within minutes of the call – they have been sued for dismal business practices and BBB gives them the worst rating on the internet. This business is a bubble waiting to pop as their law suits pile up recommend shorting this company that won't be here much longer.

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