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The #1 complaint I hear is that there is no recourse when a company gets a bad review. This page will hopefully give you some relief. While we can’t make Yelp remove the fake review, you can state your case here!

Instructions: Copy and Paste the link to the negative review so we can see it. State why it’s fake, false, misleading, or otherwise should be removed. Post links to your evidence (either in PDF, youtube videos, Google Docs, etc).

Our community will rate it using the commenting system, thumbs up or down, as well as replies. This is one of the main places that we will be putting pressure on Yelp for a review system.  So post away!!!

And now there may be even more help! If everyone who has had their positive reviews filters files a complaint with the FTC, we WILL see action taken against them.

To contact the FTC to file a complaint against YELP:

Call (877) 382-4357. Also, use and to get to the Internet company complaints division.


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  1. Paige Waters
    Only 2 reviews, dozens of positive reviews have been deleted by Yelp.

    Review left by Kate I., she is saying she has left review for third party. We never dealt with her or met her. Nor did we have any issues with the tenant she is referring to. I have my cell on 24/7 for tenants and never once received a call. She is stating she spoke to 2 people that are not who you call or email for anything property related, as stated in Welcome Emails as well as the lease that we send. Also states she called Carrie at office, however Carrie does not answer office calls. We also are bilingual, so saying her friend only speaks Spanish is not an obstacle.
    Thank you!

  2. Nana

    This is probably the most "it actually makes sense" kind of post I've seen on on this subject. Best part… I didn't have to go digging through some weird web design to find it. Awesome! PLEASE keep posting new material!

  3. Nathaniel

    Do you have a Youtube channel as well with this kind of content on it? I would love to see this post turned into a longer video if possible. Maybe I can share on it on my website.

  4. Linds Restoration

    DUDE! I am so excited right now after reading this! Thaaaaankkk you!

  5. Auto Locksmith

    They deleted like 7 of my positive reviews… or should I say they "filtered" them? SMH! I hate Yelp, what ever happened to the documentary "Million Dollar Bully" that was supposed to come out? I wish Yelp would just shut down…

  6. Deb
    This customer was in our store today and I received a call from my manager on duty after he left. When I was able to get to my PC I watch the transaction via remote. You could see the cashier pull out more than 1 bill and Carl immediately put his hands in his pockets. Then he pulled them out and started talking to the cashier. She called the MOD who is also a bookkeeper and she followed procedure by counting the drawer back while he was there. The drawer was not over so she told him it would then be verified by the morning bookkeeper. Had the drawer been over he would have received the money right away. At that point he yelled, swore and walked out.
    I took over the store 18 months ago and have worked very hard to get rid of some past bad reviews but yet they filter the good ones from new users and put the bad one up. We also recently remodeled and changed the store name, products and services but they will not take down the reviews from the old store.
    Yelp continually calls wanting us to sign up for their services. I told them I thought they were black mailing us and I firmly believe it.

  7. Frank

    I am too afraid to put my business on this website because I believe my competitors will come across it and write bad reviews. I am in the salon business in the Midwest. A few weeks ago, I had to let 2 of my staff members go for stealing Since both were friends, they vowed revenge against me and actually said that they would be posting negative reviews on YELP. I actually emailed Yelp and warned that I was threatened. Yelp did nothing about it and sent me an email about their "improved filter". Unfortunately, both ladies managed to get their friends to write totally false reviews about my salon. One person even wrote that they liked our salon, but did not like the salon industry. How can that be a legit review? I really think Yelp needs to do a MUCH better job of authenticating customer experiences. They could start by putting in a system where they must prove they visited the business before posting a review. As right now, it's open season on small businesses by malicious people. Especially competitors.

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