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Learn to Remove Bad Reviews with Curtis Boyd of Future Solutions Media

Meet Future Solutions Media founder and CEO Curtis Boyd. We go over multiple ways to attack bad reviews and get them removed legitimately, by following the rules and terms of service. Not only does he offer great advice, but he has a free analysis, so you can see what you could do about your review …

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The Value of a Yelp Elite to your Business

While Elite Pete does look a lot like a few Elites I know, the power they wield should never be underestimated.  By pissing off just one Elite, Red Spaghetti Tattoo ceased to exist. Thier phone stopped ringing, all their good reviews were instantly filtered, just as her threats suggested they would be. Doesn’t matter that …

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Yelp Class Action to Pay Reviewers As Employees

There’s a class action lawsuit against Yelp that posits that reviewers should be paid based on a variety of other legal grounds. Normally Yelp’s lawyers just get the cases tossed. This time however, they are resorting to intimidation tactics, calling the plaintiffs and telling them that the lawyer is an ambulance chaser and unethical (yet …

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Get Help With Yelp

Our community has thousands of business owners, most of whom hate Yelp and have been victimized by their business practices and refusal to acknowledge the damage their site has unfairly done to many. BUT, I personally know of dozens of folks who use Yelp well and transform it into a profit center. Let’s just call …

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What if Yelp Were Real Life?

An interesting idea, taking how Yelp behaves online and doing it in the real world. Even though there are differences between online and the real world, there are still rules of society, and pretty obvious right and wrong. This video does it brilliantly! (9168)

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