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Yelp Class Action to Pay Reviewers As Employees

There’s a class action lawsuit against Yelp that posits that reviewers should be paid based on a variety of other legal grounds. Normally Yelp’s lawyers just get the cases tossed. This time however, they are resorting to intimidation tactics, calling the plaintiffs and telling them that the lawyer is an ambulance chaser and unethical (yet …

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Interviewing Lawyers Familiar with Yelp

McMillan Law Group defeats Yelp, Inc. by JULIAN on MAY 9, 2013 In a recent small claims court case in San Diego, CA, the McMillan Law Group (MLG) achieved a monumental victory against Yelp, Inc. MLG had been coerced into entering into an advertising contract with the internet giant who promised results. The judge in the case agreed that …

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