McMillan Law Group defeats Yelp, Inc.

by JULIAN on MAY 9, 2013

In a recent small claims court case in San Diego, CA, the McMillan Law Group (MLG) achieved a monumental victory against Yelp, Inc. MLG had been coerced into entering into an advertising contract with the internet giant who promised results. The judge in the case agreed that (a) the contract was void due to fraud in the inducement, and duress, (b) that Yelp had failed to provide any of the promisedservices, and (c)that the contract itself was a contract of adhesion.

This is a massive victory for every small business in the country currently advertising with Yelp, Inc. We can help you get your hard earned money back. At present, we are asking anyone who was threatened by Yelp to contact the firm. If Yelp contacted you and similarly tried to coerce you or did coerce you into an advertising contract with the Company, please contact McMillan Law Group.

The judge stated, “this is like the mafia going door to door extorting protection money from small businesses.”

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