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Everyone wants to be heard. That seems to be the #1 complaint on Yelp is the lack of transparency in the filter, the lack of response to real business issues, and the seeming lack of care that real businesses are being destroyed by fake reviews while real good reviews are filtered out.

It’s time to share your story… stories will be chosen from the comments below to be profiled on the site with the truth of how Yelp has done you wrong.

If you really want to help, read through the comments and thumbs up or down the stories to help the media select the best stories to profile. This is a community to support local businesses, so please help each other, comment, and lend an ear/shoulder when needed.


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  1. Brian

    I had someone leave 3 reviews over the same experience. Two 2 stars and one 1 star, really bringing my average down. I report it to Yelp and I received a message that they removed 2 but left the original one because it didn't violate policy. I was cool with that. But I checked it and they were still there. So I report it again with a copy of the email they sent me and I get a response back that they do not agree and would not remove them. So you tell me you removed the 2 review, not that you are GOING to remove them, but that you already did. Then you say you're not going to? What kind of customer service is that?! You should have seen the emails exchanged between me and someone selling advertising. Her responses were quite humorous. Her response to them telling me one thing than doing another was "don't take it personally". Can you imagine how bad of a Yelp review your business would get if you told an unsatisfied customer "don't take it personally". My chicken is raw, "don't take it personally". Now that's good customer service!

  2. Margie

    Yelp did not post my comments on Rex Salon’s excellent services. I am a medical professional and have numerous certificates/licenses. My comments are accurate.

    And I find it unfair to see other comments listed but not mine. Does Yelp market services for an extortion price?

    Here are my comments:

    I have been going to Ann’s salon entitled Rex Salon for 8 years from 2004-2010 and 2014-July 2016. I relocated out of state from 2010-2014 to take my first Nurse Practitioner position and I missed going to this salon while out of AZ for those 4 years. No other salon that I have visited cared about the integrity of my nails nor about potential fungal growth from repeated gel color applications that I would frequently receive.

    In 2006 I referred Joe, a boyfriend, to Ann’s Rex salon as he had a toe nail fungal infection. My boyfriend’s repeated sweaty feet, toe nail breakdown from friction caused by athletic activities like running/handball and prior poor nail care left his feet looking horrible. Ann treated his nails with an herbal and OTC topical therapy as well as taking before and after pictures of his nails. The results were fantastic and he had normal feet again!

    I see clients every day with nail fungus and remind them to remove nail polish every three weeks to avoid fungal growth, something the owner of Rex Salon taught me before I became a medical provider.

    I am pleased with the massage, facial, wax services, hair color/styling/conditioning services as well as nail services I receive at Rex salon. I would refer anyone to Rex Salon for these services and the people I have referred have said they are pleased with Ann’s salon.

    In addition to hair/nail care there I have on occasion tried her herbal teas and natural products, my favorite is her cholesterol lowering herbal tea and feminine support herbs.

    I have never felt overcharged for any service and with my knowledge of sanitary practices I was pleased to see Rex Salon used clippers taken from sealed sterilized pouches on my nails. I witnessed employees working there cleaning foot baths after other clients use.

    Again I would recommend others to frequent Rex Salon for Salon services.

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