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Tell Your Yelp Story

Everyone wants to be heard. That seems to be the #1 complaint on Yelp is the lack of transparency in the filter, the lack of response to real business issues, and the seeming lack of care that real businesses are being destroyed by fake reviews while real good reviews are filtered out.

It’s time to share your story… stories will be chosen from the comments below to be profiled on the site with the truth of how Yelp has done you wrong.

If you really want to help, read through the comments and thumbs up or down the stories to help the media select the best stories to profile. This is a community to support local businesses, so please help each other, comment, and lend an ear/shoulder when needed.



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  1. Tony

    the best way to hurt Yelp financially is to go to Yahoo finance section :
    and post on the message board all the comments and articles are posted on this site.__All the hedge fund mangers, investors, stock-holders retail traders and even big bank intuitional analysts, read this section to get the investors sentiment on this stock before investing in it… kick them where it hurt, their stock price or financially like they hurt small Business. …. .

  2. Aemen

    I could not find my previous review, but just an idea: why not to change fighting strategy with yelp? This obviously doesn't work. I mean pressuring them with endless lawsuits. If they do much money paying for those suits is nothing for them.

    How about affecting directly their. "Oxygen supply"? Meaning money businesses spent on yelp? How? Finding out what businesses spend money with yelp and asking all yelp haters like us not to do business with them and spread the word via social media and such? In addition which can be much more useful call professionals and ask their professional opinion posted about this business. Like i am in pest control business , and there are tons of scammers who are rated five star here since know how to ask people to put good stuff about them. I have all their data, fraud , etc. it,s not enough people get scammed but I return they go and promote these clowns since have no idea that wasted their money and think are getting like $50 discount while wasted already 40 times than it. How? You think people know if the service they got was professional or good? Hell no! Only a pro will know.

    I was just reading reviews of these scammers and see that 80 percent are praising those who steal money from them and create illusion as if got a good service. If I reveal in couple of paragraphs the secrets of my professions and put this info about them, it will open people,s eyes. But this is what yelp does not want.

    Imagine a top notch lawyer who has 2 star since refused service or just wanted to go by contract or did not want to violate professional ethics just to please the customer. Now imagine he joins us and bashes his 5-star competitor without revealing who he is I our site by telling people that this "cute lawyer" who always gives fee advise, buys candies for kids when they come with mom for consultation and got 5-star rating from yelp due to that is actually banned for practicing law for 6 months or has a success rate 1/3 of regular success rate in that type of practice.

    Now whose review Google will show higher? Sugar coating stupid yelp reviews even though they might be 100s or professional review in our site from a pro? I don't even read much yelp reviews because people talk BS and it's obvious they don't know what they got. Even in restaurants. Do you know what they put in the food that you praise it? They don't give you chemical sheet like products have in supermarket, right? So you may be eating tons of Msg , waiter can smile and come to you every second, do other monkey stuff, you can get cancer because of them but go and write 5-star review for your neighbors and friends to get it too.

    Ok if this interests you , let this lady send me an email or anyone who is Interested I idea. Instead of talking, Act. True businessmen act instead of talking.

    We can create some voluntary organization and take to from there.

  3. karina

    yelp is a scam if you have 5 stars and about 4 good comments and just 1 bad one they will but you down to 3 stars all they want is money and if you call they dont care about what you think .

  4. olen

    Yelp in and of itself is enough of a problem to deal with. I am in the South Florida area and a small business owner. I recently began a quest to try to correct all of the web pages that keep popping up in my honor with incorrect information. Last count was 48 local listings that I did not request. Most of them are impossible to correct without paying someone. The kicker is that many of them refer to Yelp. "There are 2 reviews on Yelp!". At the click of a button a potential customer gets one crazy guy going off on us and one really nice review. So Yelp's reach is way beyond their own domain. It is a virus that is way out of control.

  5. BareWolfWax

    They didn't take down the defamming post, they took down my post of me defending my business.

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