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Everyone wants to be heard. That seems to be the #1 complaint on Yelp is the lack of transparency in the filter, the lack of response to real business issues, and the seeming lack of care that real businesses are being destroyed by fake reviews while real good reviews are filtered out.

It’s time to share your story… stories will be chosen from the comments below to be profiled on the site with the truth of how Yelp has done you wrong.

If you really want to help, read through the comments and thumbs up or down the stories to help the media select the best stories to profile. This is a community to support local businesses, so please help each other, comment, and lend an ear/shoulder when needed.


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    I did it it worked changed all information and removed all pictures thank you your a life saver

  2. Schera Moses

    Yelp Salesmen called today so that I may rejoin and start paying $15 per click to be on front page. He was trying to bully me into resigning up saying "what you don't want to make money, and here why this makes sense" as if he was selling to a three year old. I have 5 star reviews on yelp and they took down three of my reviews because they were not considered bonafide yelper reviews whatever that means! He said that decision was made by their software. I've been in business 20 years in June surly I must be doing something write within my service industry to have lasted this long. I am not in business to make another company more profitable then my own company! Thumbtack is more reasonable for my return on investment and fair exchange is no robbery,

  3. Chris Mun

    As if you guys did not know already, YELP is a piece of SH*T! Just here to vent. A while back we had a couple of bad reviews and those reviews would be at the top of our yelp page. No matter how many good reviews we got, they wouldn't budge. At the same time, yelp called us to see if we wanted to advertise with them. After many attempts on their part, I finally gave in. I went in at the lowest rate. Since then the bad reviews got moved to the bottom or the next page. We reached a max of 54 reviews which was in the last couple weeks. Coincidentally, they started calling again because the contract is up. I refuse to answer because I know all they want is to move me up on plans….somehow we are down to 43 reviews from 54 in the last week. I'm going to be cancelling my account with them completely.

  4. underhisfeathers

    If you are interested in suing yelp in small claims I am organizing a group small claims action. Contact me at and I will let you know how to join in the case for free.

  5. Brian Scott

    Two years ago 28 five star reviews simply "disappeared" off of our Yelp page right after I refused to advertise with them. This left us with 3 reviews; two five star and one one star review from a woman who signed up to take our classes, went to almost all of them and then requested her full amount back because she was going on vacation and wouldn't be able to finish the class (she attended six of the eight classes she paid for). When I finally got ahold of someone at Yelp (by calling the sales department many times and wearing them down), I was told that they had no idea where those reviews went. We decided to cut our losses and move on. Over the past two years we have received 37 five star reviews. The one bad review is still there but our other reviews make it clear that we are a reputable business. Up until this month, there were only 8 reviews that were in the "not recommended" section at the bottom of the page. I received another sales call from Yelp about two months ago and, again, turned them down. I just went to our Yelp page and 31 of our reviews are suddenly relegated to the "not recommended" section!! Of course, the one one star review remains. That is 80% of our reviews. Some of the people that are in the "not recommended" section are people who review all the time and have quite a few followers. In fact, I randomly selected some of these reviewers and found that ALL of their other reviews of other businesses are "recommended"!! Why just our business? Do the math.

  6. Bobby D


  7. Bobby D


  8. Arthur M. Vale

    If you value your time, don't bother posting a review on Yelp; They may not post it for their own seemingly groundless reasons. But if you like wasting your time and getting pissed off, go ahead.

    1. nmchick52

      I so agree! I work VERY hard to provide superior service at a fair price to all and have had 6 reviews posted on yelp (4 or 5 stars) by happy customers, but yelp only shows ONE very OLD review, not even the most recent review! When I contacted them about this, they said "they" have no control over it, it's all based on a computer algorithm that decides with NO human input whether a review shows up. So potential Wedding Couples only see one years old review instead all of them! I am so angry I would like to see a class action lawsuit against yelp!

  9. Tomas Marny

    SCREW YOU "YELP," you are not any help and just distort the reality!!!
    You refuse to post any justifiably critical evaluation of dishonest businesses, and for years flood my e-mail box by your junk-mail promoting the businesses that you extort.
    You should say on your website that you just promote the businesses that pay you, and do not have in place any verification of negative postings. On top of all, you could not arrange the needed contact with the useful businesses because you are CRAPPY and your e-mail system is obsolete?!

    SHAME ON YOU "YELP" your self-serving service is a great disservice to anybody who'd trust your!!!
    Your further e-mail is blocked from now.

  10. Esquin Wine Merchants

    AWFUL TO WORK WITH and Will not recommend anyone to BUY advertising from them.

    I am fairly upset from the product delivery for the last few months since we signed up..

    We have a very low and contact requests from Yelp, and the few that did contact us did so for services we do NOT provide!

    Like, video production Photo printing Flyer printing And others But the last one that caught my attention was from a call 5 minutes ago when a lady called me for a VHS to dvd conversion.

    So I went and checked myself, and behold the magic we are there on the list..

    For this we have to spend $13 per click?? Seriously??????

    We have NO control on my own keywords and search terms and this feel like high noon robbery!! In laymen term – Yelp is managing your entire advertising for your store and claiming to send you direct traffic from related searches.

    unfortunately this is broad day light theft where yelp is charging you for advertising where no one else is spending money and just pushing you ad there for their maximum profit either it is related to your business or not.

  11. Kaye

    We signed up and durning the sign up process before we were EVEN a customer there was a bad review that the sales person did not share with me…. The bad review was a customer black mailed me into giving her an additional discount on our services AFTER we negotiated a GREAT price. I DID give her the discount and she STILL wrote a bad review.

    I canceled with in 30 days of signing up, when I called to cancel they told me it was a 30 day notice so in 30 days it would be off.

    Well I got another bill OH that was for the advertisement we did for you for the past 30 days….. WAIT I canceled 30 days ago I did not ask for you to advertise for me any longer… got another Bill

    OH then a 650 dollar bill YES early termination fee.
    I went to the bank disputed the fees and got my money back…


  12. michael

    According to Yelp my business is now closed.

  13. Angry in Atlanta

    Another unsatisfied business owner here. I had a client who went onto YELP after we removed her from our studio due to her husband verbally and physically threatening me late at night when I was alone with my child. In her review of my company she went as far as to say that we were intentionally hurting and threatening children. I had extensive proof that this lady was harassing me through our credit card company and through email. I provided all of this to YELP and they to this day have done nothing to remove the review. In addition, they have shelved four reviews that were very positive and unsolicited from many of our customers. Under no circumstance can I understand how they believe that they are being fair and unbiased.

    1. John Bejanie

      I have been fighting this since 2011. one thing you can do is us the yelp logo on your web site and link it directly to the not recommended reviews which i have done. check in the past you had to enter a capcha darn thing to see your not recommended reviews. Yelp is well protected legally but the reviewers are not. They are not reporters and are not protected by any Constitutional amendment. I have started to respond to reviewers in the same manner that they review and have warned them of potential law suites! Yelp promotes these "A" holes by making them Elite Yelpers. The have party's and get togethers and actually have ranking positions. So of course their reviews will be posted.
      I know who my reviewers are because I have a salon with records of who comes in when. I am seriously considering starting suite against them!
      Most of these morons are the same people who were picked on in school all their lives and the tried to get into the police academy only to flunk the Psyc exam. They are now Mall Cops!

    2. bobby d go here and help

  14. Bob

    Yelp allows individuals to review other businesses, right? OK…then how come we cannot post our experiences w/Yelp on Yelp?

  15. Fred F

    Real simple… Take a look at the reviews for "Mark Patrick Seminars". There are 2 reviews viewable and "77 other reviews that are not currently recommended". So in Yelps opinion, 97% or yelper's opinions of this business are not legitimate. HA!

  16. Jesse A Engelbrecht

    I have probably 10 positive reviews that have been deemed unrecommended by Yelp, yet they show the one bad one of a customer acting out of malice to hurt my rating. With Yelp's internet presence, despite the fact that I have over 50 other reviews on google and elsewhere that are all 5 stars, my rating shows up online as the "Yelp rating" which is by far the lowest of my collective reviews out there. Its sickening and they have way too much power over your small business, demanding outrageously high cost marketing to trick you into thinking that it will generate positive reviews, which for me, just ensured that I absolutely despise Yelp altogether.

  17. Nora

    I posted the following complaint on yelp and it was deleted (not just “not recommended” but actually deleted) due to “Content Guidelines violations”. They said it fell outside of a “typical consumer experience”. If you read the review below, you will realize that people considering using this business need to be informed!! When reviewing the Content Guidelines, I have no idea why this review was deleted. Further, the email I was sent informing me my post was deleted, was a no-reply email, and there is no way to contact someone through phone or email to answer any of my questions. My experience in my post is SO SO SO important for people to know that are considering using the Pet Vet I reviewed. Its a life and death situation for pets. I can not understand why my review was deleted twice, and it makes me not trust yelp reviews anymore. I would like someone at Yelp to contact me and explain why they are keeping this important information from the public, or are they just going to delete this post too? I am in the process of speaking to the Orange County Register about the fact that Yelp keeps important reviews from customers to appease business owners. Please see my review below:

    Removed Content:
    DO NOT EVER BOARD YOUR PET HERE!!! While I was getting into my car a few Saturdays ago in the Seabridge neighborhood behind The Pet Vet, two of their employees approached me and asked me to be on the lookout for a small black and brown terrier chihuahua mix (about 15 -20 pounds). An employee had let the dog out, it had been sighted in my neighborhood for the past couple of hours, but no one could catch it. To make matters worse, a coyote had been sighted numerous times in Seabridge that day. I texted about ten neighbors and for the next couple of hours people were searching by car, bike, and foot. The word spread and even more people came out to search. We all have our own fur babies and could not imagine what it would be like to come home from a vacation to find that they lost our dog. It was spotted many time during our search, but no one could catch it. Luckliy, right when we were about to call it quits, 5 of us happened to be at the right place at the right time, and we caught the very scared dog. My husband even got bit, but not that bad. We were able to give the dog back to the employees who were driving around the neighborhood searching for the dog, but in retrospect we wish we had kept the dog and tried to find the owner. I guarantee that they will not tell the owner what happened, and they will never know how a community of dog lovers came together to save their dog. Then, come to find out, the dog originally ran down to Garfield and Beach, turned back around and ducked into our neighborhood. One person even saw it run across Beach Blvd! I also heard through the Community Huntington Beach Facebook page and the Nextdoor App, that this is not the first time a dog has gotten out. I can’t believe how irresponsible this vet is!!!!

  18. David

    I agree with all other posters. Yelp will hide some legit good reviews as “not recommended” but hurry to post a bad review from a non client that just wanted to make us looks bad. Nothing I could do to remove that review and all emails or phone calls were a waste of time. I’m actually thinking it would be best to not show at all on Yelp since my business doing well on Google search engine. No review, is better then a bad one. It will be great if one day a collective law suit will be filed against them as they deserve. Shame on you!

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