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Tell Your Yelp Story

Everyone wants to be heard. That seems to be the #1 complaint on Yelp is the lack of transparency in the filter, the lack of response to real business issues, and the seeming lack of care that real businesses are being destroyed by fake reviews while real good reviews are filtered out.

It’s time to share your story… stories will be chosen from the comments below to be profiled on the site with the truth of how Yelp has done you wrong.

If you really want to help, read through the comments and thumbs up or down the stories to help the media select the best stories to profile. This is a community to support local businesses, so please help each other, comment, and lend an ear/shoulder when needed.


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  1. David

    I agree with all other posters. Yelp will hide some legit good reviews as “not recommended” but hurry to post a bad review from a non client that just wanted to make us looks bad. Nothing I could do to remove that review and all emails or phone calls were a waste of time. I’m actually thinking it would be best to not show at all on Yelp since my business doing well on Google search engine. No review, is better then a bad one. It will be great if one day a collective law suit will be filed against them as they deserve. Shame on you!

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