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Alex & Steve have scoured the Internet to identify the world’s leading Influencers and their 2016 Ultimate Directory provides you with their names, photos, bios, “area of focus,” email addresses and marketing reach scores.

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(After I downloaded my copy … I was stunned at how much time and effort Alex & Steve must have poured  into this Directory. They’ve done all the research and busy work for you!  Admittedly I was also stunned that I wasn’t in it, even though I’ve been on their show an touted as their #1 Facebook Influencer. But I think I know why and when you download your copy, you’ll see what I mean…)

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Let’s Get Clear On What I’m Promising You Here

I can’t promise that any of the Influencers will introduce you to their audiences. But I can promise that you’ll now know WHO they are and what audiences they serve. Fair?

Wanna know what’s possible? Check out this cool infographic for the whole picture: