SAN ANTONIO — In news that everyone already knows, it turns out that San Antonians are suckers for free booze and food.

La Fogata is partnering with Yelp to host a “Halfway to Fiesta Bash” on Oct. 16 and as of Tuesday morning, 438 people have expressed interest on the shindig’s Yelp page, which opened Oct. 5 for RSVPs. Event perks include complimentary rum snow cones, samples of Saint Arnold seasonal beer, Tex-Mex nibbles and margaritas, natch.

La Fogata is setting up a tent in their parking lot to accommodate the crowd, which is expected to swell to between 700-1,000 people, said Jorge Elizondo, one of the restaurant’s managers. Shuttles will provide transportation from Crossroads Mall, since the bulk of parking will be taken up by the party itself.

The goodies are free, but donations will be taken at the entrance for the Roy Maas Youth Alternatives for La Fogata’s Fountains for Youth program, which provides counseling and transitional residences for abused and neglected children. Party for a cause, people.

Wanna join in? Just curious? You can find out more information and RSVP here:

And by the way, there are apparently only six months left until Fiesta 2014. We hope your medals aren’t gathering too much dust.

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