FoundersCard is a community of over 50,000 members comprised of the world’s most successful and influential entrepreneurs, innovators, and business owners.

Are you an entrepreneur, an innovator or a startup creator? There’s an exclusive club with unique personal and business perks that might be of interest. FoundersCard is a private membership program, designed to give you elite statuses, exclusive benefits and VIP treatment. Members also have access to the club’s social community of similarly ambitious people from all sorts of industries, helping to make connections with networking opportunities and more.

I’ve been a member of FoundersCard for nearly 6 years now. Each year, they add more (and more useful) benefits, keep the best ones, and refine their partnerships based on member demand and use.

The upshot is making the most of even ONE perk can outweigh the membership – and the rest is gravy. And when you sign up with my link, your rate will never go up.

I’ve used the 15% AT&T discount, Hilton Gold elite status, and Caesars Total Rewards Diamond elite status (which I then parlayed to tier match at 5 other casinos in Vegas and raked in the rewards) to cover and exceed the membership cost.

And there are new benefits for 2020!

A Few Business Benefits

Shipping, phones, and data backup

  • AT&T – 15% off most voice and data plans $30+, not including unlimited voice and iPad plans
  • Backblaze – 20% off 1- or 2-year subscriptions (something like this is a MUST for small businesses or anyone with a computer
  • – 1 free year
  • UPS – Big discounts on shipping (up to 47% off)

Promotion and documentation

  • MOO – 20% off business printing
  • Constant Contact – 15% off marketing tools and emails and a 60-day free trial
  • Shopify – 20% off for a year after a 14-day trial, to have your own e-shop
  • LegalZoom – 20% off (I’ve used this a few times)
  • BizFilings – 25% off services
  • Harvest – 15% off
  • Stripe – $20,000 in fee-free payments (!!!)
  • Salesforce – Free 14-day trial and 50% off first annual subscription of Essentials
  • Hubspot – 30% off software and a free CRM
  • Crowdspring – $124 off a service, which is a $25 discount and free Advanced Promotion Package ($99 value)

Save on promotional materials, email services, and business filings – indispensable. And the Stripe $20K deal is pretty sweet

I’ve personally used these combined discounts several times. It really does add up. I’ve incorporated LLCs, written a will, and gotten business cards with the participating companies.

And the $20K in fee-free Stripe payments can pay for a FoundersCard membership all on its own, considering the fee is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. On $20,000 in payments, that’s $580 saved – at least.

Other business savings

  • Dell – Up to 40% off Dell branded products
  • Lenovo – Up to 40% off select Lenovo and Think products
  • Apple – Preferred Business relationship pricing, based on your annual spending for your business
  • Office Depot – Preferred pricing up to 55% off in-store and online, and free next-day shipping of orders of $50+

I’ve benefited from heavy usage from FoundersCard’s business discounts to launch multiple companies. Another perk, many of the offers can be used multiple times. So when I launch a new bootstrapped business idea, it’s helpful that most of my startup needs are covered with 1 Year free plans, like

All these benefits are all geared toward building your small business. In that sense, saving cash definitely helps the bottom line. And we all need to cut where we can and innovate to bring in more business.

You’ll find most of the discounts and offers in the business category – and there are lots more. You can poke around with a preview to see them all.