Do you impress the press? Learn how to make the media love you with Adryenn Ashley!In the past few weeks I’ve sent out a few media queries to this group from some major news sources. And over 70 of you responded before the deadline to just one of them. Thank you!

With that said, I saw many of your replies and although a few of you may have gotten to talk to a journalist, I’m betting most of you didn’t… and I know why.

You see, one of my claims to fame is that the media LOVE me. I don’t say that to be egotistical, it’s a fact. They send thank you cards. Why? Because I make their job easy, and I make them look good. And you can too!

The Media Makeover Celebrity Blueprint will show you how to precisely put your information together for the media so they’ll use it, and quote you, and take you seriously. It’s a small group, limited to 20 people. This is not your typical publicity class. This is about building your media platform.

Also, graduates of my programs are the first people I refer to the media when I get called (which is often). Live classes start Feb 15th (recordings available if you miss).

To register, go to Space is limited!

To Your Success,