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    In this video, Motley Fool contributor Steve Heller goes through the basics of Facbook (NASDAQ: FB  ) Graph Search and what that means for investors. In particular, he resists calling Graph Search a Yelp (NYSE: YELP  ) killer because it’s lacking some crucial ingredients.

    After the world’s most hyped IPO turned out to be a dunce, most investors probably don’t even want to think about shares of Facebook. But there are things every investor needs to know about this company. We’ve outlined them in our newest premium research report. There’s a lot more to Facebook than meets the eye, so read up on whether there is anything to “like” about it today, and we’ll tell you whether we think Facebook deserves a place in your portfolio. Access your report by clicking here.

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    The Steve Jobs Betrayal
    You may already know that in the final year of his life, Jobs revealed a stunning betrayal — and told his biographer, “I will spend my last dying breath… and every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank to right this wrong.” What was it that made Jobs so irate — and why could it make a few in-the-know investors some major profits over the coming months and years?

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