f7id=c77827e6d2e=b885d31ad8" target="_blank">4 Reasons the Summer Olympics Should Be Held in Los Angeles (Katie Kirnan, @katiekirnan) – The city of Los Angeles has confirmed its interest in hosting the 2024 Summer Games. LA’s gorgeous scenery and beautiful weather make the city of angels an ideal host for the Games.
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2 Major Reasons Why the GOP’s Minority Outreach Program Is Bound to Fail (Frank Hagler) – The RNC Growth and Opportunity Project confirms what we all suspected: The GOP is half-a-century out of touch with the African-American community.
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What We’re Sharing Protecting the president on an overseas trip: A former CIA agent tells us what it takes (Daily Beast).
Economic crises aren’t all bad. How recessions promote creativity (Guardian).
Malala Yousafzai is back in school. Vanity Fair has a great profile of the women’s rights wunderkind.
Wishing you had passed that soda ban, NY? Study links 25,000 U.S. deaths to obesity (ABC News).
An eruption of the Sun could wreak havoc on Earth, and we have no idea when it will happen (NY Times).
New bike device prevents theft and keeps you from crashing (Mashable).
Text messages will include facial expressions, if researchers have their way (PopSci).
The best restaurants in the world, according to Yelp (WSJ).
Just For Kicks – A Japanese company develops the world’s weirdest toy.
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