Cyberthreats can take the fun out of connected gadgets – here’s how to make sure your children enjoy the tech without putting themselves or their family at risk

This Holiday season, you may have treated your kids to a smart gadget. But have you also remembered to set up the shiny new device for them and make sure they use it safely? By taking a couple of easy and sensible steps now, you can save yourself a lot of headache further down the road. Here are some simple but important actions you should take and so help ensure your children get the most out of their gadgets and stay safe in the process.

Watch the video to learn:

  • why you need to understand the device’s features and how they can be used – and abused
  • how software vulnerabilities come into play and how you can patch the security holes
  • how to prevent unauthorized access to the device
  • why the features your children don’t need should be turned off
  • why you should read the privacy policy

Happy holidays!

To learn more about more dangers faced by children online as well as about how technology can help, head over to Safer Kids Online.