One of the most important factors of Customer Management in business is building up of customer loyalty through follow-up. This field is increasingly gaining prominence since companies now recognize the importance of customer retention, which in turn, leads to new customers.

This type of marketing, which relies more on turning first-time buyers into loyal future customers instead of merely acquiring new customers, is called Relationship Marketing. 

The processes undertaken by a company to handle its customers is called Customer Relationship Management. One of the most common and important processes of Customer Relationship Management is sending a letter.

Though it sounds simple, it helps in bringing many first time buyers back to a particular company. A few things that might be introduced in a letter to induce customers to buy again are:

  • A sincere thank you, welcoming customers to the company’s services and assuring them that they are the most important part of a company.
  • A feedback form, which enables the customer to directly offer his opinions on the services and products of the company. This, in turn, may offer valuable suggestions to be kept in mind for new customers.
  • An assurance that your company was easily the best betand the customer was, in fact, correct in opting for your company. This helps building up the customer’s confidence that this is the best company for his/her required product.
  • A time-limited offer which introduces a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind. Asking them to grab an offer within a particular time-period raises the customer’s interest. Introducing the same offer in more than one letter with varying levels of urgency (each being more urgent than the previous one) makes the customer excited about the offer as well.
  • A general follow-up merely asking whether the customer is happy and satisfied with the product purchased helps in building up of customer faith.
  • Additional references to other products (by your own company) shows that the company cares abut customer comfort and the personalized needs of the customer.
  • Asking the customer to refer the company to somebody they know, is also a good idea to promote not only customer faith but also introduce new buyers to your company. The customer might also be “rewarded” for his/her effort by giving them a discount on their next purchase (this also ensures customer loyalty.) Using a coupon in the letter encourages customers to pass them on if they don’t require them.

Statistics also show that companies who get back to customers making inquiries about their products and services also gain customer loyalty. By making note of potential buyers, the company also gains a reputation of good service and excellent customer care. 

Any company’s main objective should be to promote a sense of security in the customer. It is important, therefore, that you make your customers feel comfortable, so that they keep coming back to your company, bringing in new references as well. After all, ‘the customer is always right’!