Is the message real or fake? Take our Phishing Derby quiz to find out how much you know about phishing.

Phishing comes in a number of forms and remains one of the most pervasive online scams, as both consumers and businesses face an incessant stream of unsolicited emails, texts and even phone calls where bad actors impersonate a trusted institution and attempt to purloin login data, money and identities. Indeed, per Google’s technology incubator Jigsaw, one in every 100 emails sent today is a phishing attempt.

Even more worryingly, many of these attempts are successful, which along with the ease with which these attacks can be unleashed helps explain the longevity of the technique. It’s no wonder then that the ability to recognize and avoid a phishing attack is such an important skill to master these days.

Which is also where our fun quiz comes in – go ahead and test yourself to see if you would outsmart the fraudsters! The test comes complete with brief explanations about why each message is real or fake.

Below are three more quizzes that you may also want to take. Indeed, why not also consider taking ESET’s cybersecurity awareness training?

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Stay safe in 2021!

31 Dec 2020 – 11:30AM