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Yelp’s Review Filter

It’s all over the news http://www.eastbayexpress.com/eastbay/yelp-and-the-business-of-extortion-20/C… and I am glad that people are starting to publicly question the system. You watch their video and tell me why are their comments disabled? It’s because they do not want to hear what the consumers have to say. They do not care. They don’t want to hear the …

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More News on Yelp Lawsuit Allegation


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KCAL 9 Report of Class Action Lawsuit Against Yelp


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New York Community Manager on What You Can Do About Bad Reviews on Yelp

Community members can flag reviews that are then looked at by Terms of Service human beings! (658)

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Yelp Community Managers Answer Questions

Two Yelp, Inc. community managers, Seattle-based Michelle Broderick and Austin-based Kevin Newsum, answered questions following a panel #theyelpeffect at South by South West Interactive. (378)

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CBS Profiles Businesses Being Scammed By Yelp

Yelp.com Business owners on CBS news tell the horror story of being blackmailed by the yelp sales team. (453)

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