There’s an art and science to Customer Service and neutralizing customers who may leave negative reviews. Avoiding these seven deadly sins is a good place to start!


Everyone likes a little bit of concern and a show of interest, and this is why customer service should never appear to be disinterested in a client’s likes, dislikes, and even their personal details like profession and family. Always take care to listen to them and never presume to know their mind. And remember presuming and trying to provide solutions for their so-called problems is the worst mode of action in this field of work.


When customer service is what you do, then the unforgettable code is “never let a customer feel uncomfortable.” This holds true in the case of the kind of environment you handle business in and the people who handle the cases. This is especially crucial because different customers have different criteria for what they deem uncomfortable. So once again know your customers, their nature and status, and accordingly, deal with them. Take them out, make them comfortable, and then do business.


A mere courtesy statement is not what is required from customer services. Clients are more attuned to you and your attitude towards them than you are aware of. So possessing and holding forth a right, welcoming, easygoing body language is extremely necessary. In fact a nice confident greeting along with direct clear eye contact can go a long way in breaking the ice with clients and winning their trust.


Just like your day is made up of ups and downs, so is your clients. A previous brawl or an unhappy incident could have soured your client’s mood just as it could have yours. So, remember to gauge the attitude of your customer and handle them accordingly. An optimistic and helpful attitude on your part will go a long way in making your client feel better and vice versa. So remember to always uphold a positive image in front of clients to help them feel better. 


Not knowing what your customer wants is the worst fault of customer services. As mentioned earlier listen to your customer, their priorities and accordingly help satisfy them by giving them the best. If you act without knowing, not only will it cause customer dissatisfaction but also needless hassles on part of both your customer and you.


Answering machine like looped messages being replayed into a customer’s ears is probably the most annoying thing that your client can face. So the first job of any effective customer service is to be available when the client needs you. Aiding them is your job, not leaving them hanging…so make sure you give them right direction and help solve their dilemmas.


Get what you have promised done as soon as possible. Inability to keep your word is one of the greatest sins in the area of customer services. Not only will it take your client’s trust away from you and depress them, but it will also deter him or her to deal with you again. So you should always follow through with deeds, objects and quality of services and goods as you have promised to ensure good rapport in the future for their benefit and yours.