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Everyone wants to be heard. That seems to be the #1 complaint on Yelp is the lack of transparency in the filter, the lack of response to real business issues, and the seeming lack of care that real businesses are being destroyed by fake reviews while real good reviews are filtered out.

It’s time to share your story… stories will be chosen from the comments below to be profiled on the site with the truth of how Yelp has done you wrong.

If you really want to help, read through the comments and thumbs up or down the stories to help the media select the best stories to profile. This is a community to support local businesses, so please help each other, comment, and lend an ear/shoulder when needed.


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  1. J grady

    I cannot stand how they cut off rec views “unless you get the app” thevattiyude of greed permeates the thing . Huge ah s

  2. Sharmila

    Yelp let some person take our company account and it got a really bad review (1 star). Then more. We asked our clients if they would like to review us as well and a few did with (5 stars). When we finally realized that the people with bad reviews weren't even customers, we tried to get yelp to shut down the account as we didn't even have access to it! They refused and then promptly one day after another all the 5 star reviews went dark and when asked about that they literally took all the 5 star reviews off entirely so now it is like they never even happened!? What? Are we so stupid as a whole to allow some company to dictate our rights and what is or not, because that is EXACTLY what YELP is doing and I have to ask who died and made them GOD! Obviously, we as the public are allowing this to happen. We should boycott YELP and give legitimate companies our vote and business.

    I really have yet to visit a place that had 5 stars on YELP and feel that way myself. Usually I am super disappointed. In fact it is usually the one's that have poor ratings that are much better! I guess like me they didn't pay YELP!! We can use google or any other and make our own decission right? Why be dictated to do something because YELP give's its seal of approval (because face it) it is YELP and not the reviewer who has the final word in what rating any company gets!!!! I personally don't believe they should be allowed to be a company. Isn't being told what we can and cannot do by government enough? (At least we have a say in who we pick). Do we really need big companies with tons of money and no ethics at all to dictate how we spend our time and money? This kind of company should NOT be allowed to exist.

  3. Maddie Mother

    Yelp is not honest in their reviews. I did a review on an attorney that I had an experience with and apparently she had my comment art my review removed. This was a bulldog bully attorney who I wanted to warn people about about her bias and her tactics in the court room but every time I posted a review, it’d get removed after about 4-5 reviews I get an email from yelp telling me that I am violating their terms and conditions but they never stated why or how.hell and every review I left was a 100% honest and tactful so how is it that they kept removing my reviews and ultimately revoked my membership. All because I gave an honest review? that just comes to show you the way of the world this attorney who is just a pure bully can deny me of telling my experience and have my reviews removed and ultimately my account is deactivated? what kind of transparency is that? if you depend on yelp for honest reviews think again because it’s not happening entirely.

  4. Michael

    YELP now = ZERO CREDIBILITY with me. And I believed the stupid TV ads that they were honest and independent. WOW.

  5. Michael

    Two times I post a poor review for a crappy restaurant (don't know why I went back, not many bars here) and YELP won't show them. And they don't affect the "star" rating. So the sh*thole looks like 4 or 5 stars and is a ripoff!

  6. Nathan Branham

    So I set up with for their pay per click advertising. The salesman tells me that I can do this for $50 + $8 per click, does not tell me that the rate is subject to change. At that rate I was happy to do business, but I receive a bill for $334.87. I only had a single click based on the information in my emails from So I call to see why it was so expensive. that is when I am told the charge is subject to change. I ask why I was not informed of these changes in rate. The accounts management people tell me it is because they change all the time. I tell them that I want to cancel and delete my page. they tell me that it is a 30 day cancellation and that I must continue with them I tell them that I want to cancel, and I call up my bank to start a claim as this was not what was agreed to and my bank returns payment. I receive an email from threatening to cancel my page to which I respond that this is exactly what I wanted. Next month they remove money from my account again from a different account to get around the bank block, $525 this time. Now I have taken and changed all of the information on my page since they won't delete it.This is the worst company that I have ever had the displeasure of running into.

    1. Stephanie

      Very similar issue with us! Ballooning "pay per click price", when they told us it would not be above a maximum price! The pay per click rose by at least 5x, over our advertising period!!!!
      we also noticed one of our 2 5-star reviews disappeared!
      This horrible ripoff, on our first advertising since our business was founded in 1953! I pray we don't get any fake negative reviews!
      How do we get any vindication for our businesses??

  7. Architect

    When you google my business services for my small community, situated between three major cities ~100+ miles away, my business comes up first, foremost and many times, even the BBB A+ rating. No competitor has as many reviews, much less ALL positive ones.
    Except on Yelp.
    Here we find one competitor rated as "Five Stars" with only one positive review and one severely bad review, rather hidden under a gray link "not recommended reviews".
    Yelp decided MY business would get 'NO Stars", then hide over 7 positive "5 star" reviews in that gray area "not recommended".
    On the way down the Yelp page, note that "not recommended reviews" in small type gray tops an overwhelming color "ad" = Best of Yelp, featuring guess who? That same competitor.

    Called up Yelp, they said Best of Yelp is paid for and only one per season, sorry Charlie (the tuna).
    Paid advertising with them and true to their claim – this affected my business status zero.
    Participated with their hijinx to offer discounts, et al. = no affect on becoming an "equal" to this one-trick pony competitor.
    Tried out some promotions – nothing for me in all those.

    The latest client/positive review got me a 5 Star rating … for one day until buried like the rest.
    Another buried client even called them up (or was it email?) to complain her time/effort was being wasted on them, only to be stonewalled.

    INSIDER ADVICE, anyone?
    If it takes a load of cash, I simply don't have it.

  8. Cameron

    I have 4 5-star reviews from clients of mine on Yelp, but Yelp doesn't recommend those. Instead, Yelp recommends the 1-star reviews that were posted from the same crappy company (Global Seafoods) that tried to scam me.

  9. Paul Jennings

    When I started my surveying business, one of my client's posted a good review on Yelp. At that time I did not even know what Yelp was. Over the following five years, I received several positive reviews from clients who went out of their way to take time to post me on Yelp.
    Then the lady from Yelp started calling. Holy crap, the pricing was outrageous!! So after the first time she called, I no longer showed up on the "land surveyors in San Diego search". But if I expanded the map and re-did the search I showed up. Geographical search engine I reckoned at the time.
    The second time she called, same lady but more aggressive, I declined the sales pitch and poof, I was off of Yelp. Weird thing was, if you did a Google search for my business, the Yelp page came up with all of my shining reviews.
    So I did a survey for a guy a couple of months back, and like a good consumer happy with my work he put a positive review for me on Yelp. So I checked it out with the Google search and it was there on the Yelp page.
    Well, a week later, Yelp removed that review. WTF. Do they actually have some type of vindictive management style that holds us small businesses hostage if we don't buy their ads?? And they actually pay people to monitor this stuff?? Whatever.
    I don't need those a-holes over there at Yelp, my business does well despite their extortionist practices.

    Its like the BBB, a $400 sticker you can place on your $45,000 work truck. Screw em both! Good business and customer service trumps that crap every time.

    I feel better now, thanks for listening

  10. jerrytruck

    Yelp is a criminal activity. I had a business that Yelp put up bad reviews but filtered out good ones. They were always calling to try to talk me into paying them for advertizing. I always refused so the bad reviews stayed up. I reported them to the washington state BBB and a case was opened. They revised the reviews on my site and the BBB closed the case. Yelp should be charged under the RICO act.

    1. Joe

      anti yelp movement

      Google Blows Yelp away Yelp has so much garbage content on their site that i cant be leave google didn't banned them for spam.

      When a yelp advertising agent calls you be nice and don't tell him or she that google blows yelp away it happened to me bingo first review was a 1 star review 2 another 1 star review they don't care. All they care about is how much money they are going to get from a small business for advertising. Yelp is corrupt and a lot of people know it. Jeremy Stoppelman he might be a good programmer but he is an A_S_S HOLE as well as who ever funds the company meaning YELP. It's sad to know that his YELP google cheaper and much more classier to advertise your business. You know why ill tell you I've researched about a third of negative reviews on yelp an a quarter of them assassinate small business owners. That tells you what type of person Jeremy Stoppelman is scum he's doing well with his company and small business owners are losing money every day because of bad reviews isn't that something. He trained his workers to harass small business owners to advertise you tell them no they call the next day and harass you again i cannot be leave JUDGES are letting them get away with this they are breaking the law and getting away with it. What happened to JUSTICE. YELP should be held Acanable for there actions. STOP SUPPORTING YELP The owner and investors are garbage the economy is bad as it is

      I was told that yelp loves when competitors put up reviews about other businesses.

      If you had any doings with thats the place where the calls are coming from we have tested there app and its all advertisements they are harassing the country and getting away with it

  11. Kim

    Our clinic has been harassed by Yelp on numerous occasions to pay up. Our manager is strictly against Yelp and never advertises with them. Interestingly, our clinic has been doing well recently and getting 5-Star reviews consistently. Out of the blue, a random 1 star review was posted – with no details of his bad experience with the office visit with just negative slander.

    So I complained to Yelp and said that the negative review was not warranted and had no substance. And lo and behold Yelp replies asking me to "advertise" on their site if I was the business owner. An internal investigation revealed that the initials from the commentator did not exist in our patient database – i.e. not our patient.

  12. Jonathan Hawfield

    Texas Matrix says:

    I am sorry for the troubles of every business owner here, however I would like to point out the obvious. YELP Community Managers, which are local residents in your cities, are responsible for manipulating your individual reviews. There is no algorithm as Yelp claims. Yelp is a business built on advertising revenue. They are not in the business of providing accurate information such as a search engine. The sooner you realize this the better.

    There has already been a class-action lawsuit finalized against Yelp a few years ago in California. They were even investigated by a US Attorney General for extortion.

    As mentioned by another user, the best course of action is to modify the Title of your business, address, and telephone of your Yelp listing so your business disappears from YELP. Then if you wish, you can re-list under a new entry and get a fresh start. NEVER advertise with them!

    YELP it seems, is an extortion scam that is moderated by Millennial aged idiots…nothing more…nothing less.

  13. Neil

    Well, the truth is that Yelp is like the mafia, you’re either with them or against them. I own a large medical center in
    Chicago and after getting literally harassed to advertise, I agreed to spend approximately $1800 a month, after several months I called and cancelled (I used to have a 5 star rating), then LO and BEHOLD, they literally Harassed me to continue advertising, and after I was very firm with my NO WAY, miraculously the ratings started to drop, they would mostly post the negative reviews and the 5 star reviews they burry them somewhere? even when I complained that some reviews carry competition names in their review, nothing happened. The funny part (actually not funny at all) some of the 5 star reviews that they wouldn’t post had many activities and they were frequent patients, and some of the negative reviews had almost no rating, but they still got posted. Like Donald Trump says “BELIEVE ME” YELP REVIEWS ARE NOT ACCURATELY DESCRIBING ANYTHING. PERIOD. YELP SIMPLY SUCKS.. YELP NEEDS TO STOP SAYING OUR ALGORITHM AND EXPLAIN TRANSPARENTLY AND ACCURATELY HOW THE HELL THEY PICK WHO TO POST AND WHO NOT. Of course if they were speaking the truth, they would have to admit that it only has to do with who pays more and who pays NOT.

  14. Consultant

    I do local Search Marketing and I always cringe when I add their business to Yelp because I have to tell them to prepare to get a barrage of phone calls every week at all hours of the day trying to get you to buy their advertising. They get especially aggressive after you cancel your advertising with them. Most of my customers still get calls despite repeatedly requesting to "Please remove me from your call list and do not call me again about advertising. I will never buy advertising from you."

    If you scour their website (and Google) you will find Yelp has absolutely no way to contact them by e-mail (or website contact form) to request that you no longer get sales calls (or any other subject for that matter). They require you to call them. This I believe is by design because anything they put in an email response would create a permanent record of a communication they had with you. If they responded in an email that they would stop calling you and they still did, you'd have some good evidence for legal recourse.

    Has anyone figured out a reliable way to get them to stop calling? It is a form of harassment in my opinion. I'm sure they consider that if you have claimed a business listing, you now have a business relationship with you so they would say these calls are regarding your business relationship with them. It's just plain wrong. I've never seen a company in all my years be this harassing with the sales calls despite repeated requests to be removed from the call list.

    1. Syed

      If they don't leave a paper trail of emails, you can still record their calls:

  15. Amanda

    We are just a small family run business in Chandler, AZ, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and treating our customers like family. We have has 16 reviews now on Yelp, and our first 1 star was recently given to us by someone who got mad because our brand new sales lady wasn't able to give her a quote as quickly as she wanted it. We apologized to her in a reply to her Yelp review, but since then Yelp has taken away all our other reviews and left just the 1 star!! I don't understand why this is happening all of a sudden, and why they are "not recommended". We had 13 five star reviews, and 1 four star review up until that point, but now all of them are not recommended. Our customers are equally unhappy with yelp because their reviews that they took the time to write and thank us are now "not recommended". One even tried resubmitting hers, but it went straight to being not recommended. Our customers are writing second reviews now because their firsts got taken away by yelp, so we will see if they keep these new ones. We are only a small business and rely heavily on word of mouth to get new customers to walk in, but now it seems like Yelp is trying to ruin us! It absolutely disgusts me that they are trying to take down the little guys like us, for no reason that I can think of.

  16. Betsy

    We will never beat them at their level they are powerful geeks. If we go ground and Pickett and boycott they won’t be in their element.

  17. Frank

    An Internet Troll Nirvana. Commonsense is one thing, but honesty is another. People can post anything they wish, but if you don’t pay hundreds a month in advertising, business not allowed to even tell their side. But you can go in as a review and tell the business side. They will dump it in the “not recommended to to read” file, but it will still be posted. Yelp does suck…but a business that is good is known and recognized as such. The reputation of Yelp is actually crap, so people trust it for what it is…the National Enquirer of business sites.

  18. A. Victim

    Two times now yelp has removed my true negative reviews of doctors who have butchered me and done other horrible things to me. The first time, yelp said that this would be better for law enforcement to handle. So I rewrote them, removing all references to the illegal things the doctors did. They removed them again, saying when something is outside of the normal experience they remove it. And both times yelp said the removals were in response to the "yelp community", but these were two doctors in totally different cities – one in San Francisco, the other in Los Angeles, but the reviews were removed simultaneously both times. This is bullshit. I think yelp is being paid off by some doctor's group to remove posts about the worst of the worst.

    1. Dave

      Yes, it seems that business owners think they only have a right to complain, but the fact is that they screw over reviewers as well. I wrote 41 reviews, most were below 3 stars, well because I had honestly shitty experiences at these places, yet I had very good responses of over 590 cool, useful, helpful compliments from other reviewers. Now all of my reviews are in the not recommended section, which is complete bullshit. It's a joke. Places that are honestly horrible have glowing reviews showing all of their 5 star first like it is a good place. That's just wrong, and defeats the whole purpose in trying to give the consumer honest feedback. Yelp is a joke.

    2. Syed

      Can you copy-paste to post the reviews here please?

  19. Brian

    I had someone leave 3 reviews over the same experience. Two 2 stars and one 1 star, really bringing my average down. I report it to Yelp and I received a message that they removed 2 but left the original one because it didn't violate policy. I was cool with that. But I checked it and they were still there. So I report it again with a copy of the email they sent me and I get a response back that they do not agree and would not remove them. So you tell me you removed the 2 review, not that you are GOING to remove them, but that you already did. Then you say you're not going to? What kind of customer service is that?! You should have seen the emails exchanged between me and someone selling advertising. Her responses were quite humorous. Her response to them telling me one thing than doing another was "don't take it personally". Can you imagine how bad of a Yelp review your business would get if you told an unsatisfied customer "don't take it personally". My chicken is raw, "don't take it personally". Now that's good customer service!

  20. Margie

    Yelp did not post my comments on Rex Salon’s excellent services. I am a medical professional and have numerous certificates/licenses. My comments are accurate.

    And I find it unfair to see other comments listed but not mine. Does Yelp market services for an extortion price?

    Here are my comments:

    I have been going to Ann’s salon entitled Rex Salon for 8 years from 2004-2010 and 2014-July 2016. I relocated out of state from 2010-2014 to take my first Nurse Practitioner position and I missed going to this salon while out of AZ for those 4 years. No other salon that I have visited cared about the integrity of my nails nor about potential fungal growth from repeated gel color applications that I would frequently receive.

    In 2006 I referred Joe, a boyfriend, to Ann’s Rex salon as he had a toe nail fungal infection. My boyfriend’s repeated sweaty feet, toe nail breakdown from friction caused by athletic activities like running/handball and prior poor nail care left his feet looking horrible. Ann treated his nails with an herbal and OTC topical therapy as well as taking before and after pictures of his nails. The results were fantastic and he had normal feet again!

    I see clients every day with nail fungus and remind them to remove nail polish every three weeks to avoid fungal growth, something the owner of Rex Salon taught me before I became a medical provider.

    I am pleased with the massage, facial, wax services, hair color/styling/conditioning services as well as nail services I receive at Rex salon. I would refer anyone to Rex Salon for these services and the people I have referred have said they are pleased with Ann’s salon.

    In addition to hair/nail care there I have on occasion tried her herbal teas and natural products, my favorite is her cholesterol lowering herbal tea and feminine support herbs.

    I have never felt overcharged for any service and with my knowledge of sanitary practices I was pleased to see Rex Salon used clippers taken from sealed sterilized pouches on my nails. I witnessed employees working there cleaning foot baths after other clients use.

    Again I would recommend others to frequent Rex Salon for Salon services.

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