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What if Yelp Were Real Life?

An interesting idea, taking how Yelp behaves online and doing it in the real world. Even though there are differences between online and the real world, there are still rules of society, and pretty obvious right and wrong. This video does it brilliantly!     (613) plus.google.com/100959901782345597097 Adryenn Ashley

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Latest Yelp News From Yahoo!

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman ignored advice from Elon Musk and Peter Thiel and succeeded anyway CNN  - 9 hours Read full story for latest details. HBS Professors Investigate Faked Positive Yelp Reviews The Harvard Crimson  - 15 hours Regular Yelp users may want to exercise caution next time they make a restaurant choice based on …

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Outsmarting Yelp: Overcoming CDA Immunity via 3rd Party Contract Promises

Daniel Bernath came up with what looks like a stroke of genius. Now, I’m not a lawyer (but he is) so I can’t comment on the legality of it, but the logic looks good. The idea is that since Groupon REQUIRES you to have a Yelp business profile (with positive reviews) before allowing you to …

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Best Image Optical Shares Marketing Strategies on How to Grow Your Optical Business in 2013

Leading professional eyewear company, Best Image Optical shares suggestions for eyecare professionals and retailers on how to grow their company through cost-efficient marketing and promotional strategies. Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 22, 2013 In just a few months, Best Image Optical was able to compile and set forth simple, low-cost strategies to grow their own wholesale …

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Have you seen your Online Reputation?

    (668) plus.google.com/100959901782345597097 Adryenn Ashley

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Yelp Is Ruining My Business

“Help! Yelp is ruining my business!” This is the tearful phone call I get every week. Another struggling business owner, failing, due to an unfair negative review. Feeling helpless, alone, attacked, the emotion coming through the phone line sounds a lot like the rape victims I counseled in college. The same questions: How did this …

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Filter Them Out!

Love this lineup of alternative review sites you should be paying attention to! Check it out, and report back. Did you have success? (535) plus.google.com/100959901782345597097 Adryenn Ashley

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Merchant Services Scams That Can Bankrupt Your Business

You’ve all met them before, the slick talking credit card processing salesmen out to make a quick buck, pushing you to sign on the dotted line, promising the moon and then vanishing as soon as they get their check. Listen in and learn what can happen if you have the wrong merchant account! How you …

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Interviewing Lawyers Familiar with Yelp

McMillan Law Group defeats Yelp, Inc. by JULIAN on MAY 9, 2013 In a recent small claims court case in San Diego, CA, the McMillan Law Group (MLG) achieved a monumental victory against Yelp, Inc. MLG had been coerced into entering into an advertising contract with the internet giant who promised results. The judge in the case agreed that …

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Yelp’s Anti-Spam Review Filter

Business owners explains his strategy for handling Yelp’s review filter. (520)

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