Great look back at the start of Yelp in 2005 and what the site was intended to be. I think the intention was great. I think the end execution leaves a lot to be desired. One thing is for sure. This is one company that understands branding. Transforming the social site into one big exclusive club that in the beginning, everyone wanted to be in!

Now, however, the flaws in the system have revealed how little the company cares for business owners. Arm yourselves with knowledge because there is little to be done to fix the problems with the Yelp system until there is a regime change.

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Adryenn Ashley

Social Influencer / Outspoken Pundit at Wow! Is Me
Adryenn Ashley is a social influencer, tv host/producer, and tech entrepreneur who starts global conversations that matter. Her campaigns are structured to provide maximum ROI to brands while increasing awareness and goodwill. Her anti-smoking campaign went to 110M globally, 75M in USA. She works with products as well as services and non-profits.